Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Eleven Year Old Problems

RNR turned 11 last month, and her preteen "my-parents-are-only-alive-to-embarass-me" problem is in full effect.

On Sunday as we drove home from church, La Bouche's "Be My Lover" came on the radio.  Mr. Incredible started doing the Night at the Roxbury signature head bob to the complete horror of RNR. 

"Daddy! Stop that."

She started to hunch down in her seat lest anyone know she was in that truck.

We decided the best thing we could do to help her was roll down the windows, turn up the music, and get the Miss Noteworthy and Bonus to join us in our wild seat dancing.  We all put on our best duckfaces and continued our jam as RNR crawled into the floorboard. You should have seen me with my imaginary lasso going over my head. It was "Dance Party USA" at its finest.

A little later in the day Mr. Incredible was sure to follow the first act up with a little Martika "More Than You Know" for good measure.   Parent of the Year Award.        


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