Friday, February 14, 2014

To catch you up, Part 3

I think this last installment will do it.  And then I can get on with the stories....

Our backyard for a week!

Beautiful view

All the grandkids with Gaga and Grampy. 

Albuquerque Zoo where we saw a real WOMBAT!

And peacocks walked around just like they did in zoos from my childhood memories 
Bonus enjoyed snowboarding and thinks he may win gold in halfpipe.  As long as he doesn't have to get taken off the mountain by ski patrol (true story)

This also happened snowboarding.  We decided we are really more of a beach family....

RNR was more than glad to be rid of that cast.  She also washed her face a little too hard that morning.  Being a preteen and all, she doesn't want zits and exfoliates a little too vigorously on occasion.

I ate this and other like it.

RNR playing some b-ball

And with a fancy do

Miss Noteworthy got braces (for the second time) and glasses (for the first) all within a week.  She is taking it all in stride and has declared, "I guess it's time to get my full geek on."   

Season 3. 

And this was just Tuesday night.  The Daddy Daughter Waltz.  Miss Noteworthy didn't go, but we make her get in the picture.  RNR and Mr. Incredible chose funky casual instead of formal this year. 
It might not work for everyone, but I think they pulled it off!

And there you go!  Five months covered.  Well, except that part about the day we realized we had an army of God's creatures (or the devil's imps, depending) in our attic.  I'll leave that for another day...

Happy Heart's Day Y'all!


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