Thursday, February 13, 2014

To catch you up, Part 2

 Picking up where I left off....

Bonus Ninja Style

Purple makes a lovely crayon, and so does my RNR
I do not know why or how this screenshot got on my phone.
 I'll bet Cherry had a nice time at the spa though.
I was browsing at the bookstore. My good friend's last name is Doherty. 
I texted her to ask where she got her research and what her sequel would be. 

Miss Noteworthy's high school band travelled to Indianapolis for Grand Nationals
and won 5th place in the WHOLE country!!!!!  I'd love to post a picture of her in her uniform, but A) she would kill me, and B) we aren't supposed to post band images in public forums like websites.  Boo! I think I should be able to post pictures after the season is over, but no one is asking me.... 

We visited ICE.... 

Where I grew a beard.

And the next day we went to the zoo. 
My little hatchlings and I did lots of fun things while Miss Noteworthy was away getting medals
And while Mr. Incredible was in Huntington Beach surfing.
I drank this.  The translation is a passion shared by two.  I like that.
Bonus shut his own hand in the car door on the same day he had a tooth pulled. 
A REALLY rough day for my little buddy.

Icemageddon happened

So we played outside in coats and pajamas.  We walked around the neighborhood like that
because you shouldn't actually have to get dressed on a SNOW DAY!

THE hat arrived.  And the beard.
And Mr. Incredible jumped over fire like a ninja.  While he had the flu.  And was upset with his time.
He will try again this spring.  And he is crazy because he is going to do 2 Spartans in 2 days. 
It's a really cool picture though!
I still love this ornament from the Hats.  I may not be all that wise, but I still seek Him.
Right after Christmas Eve service. Before they got to open their one present.

And after they opened their new Christmas jammies! Mickey Mouse for everybody!

Me in all my Christmas morning glory. 
Miss Noteworthy's favorite Christmas prize. 
Santa knows she can appreciate the humor of a ManaTea.

Be careful opening my freezer....
And, oh yeah, I turned 43 somewhere in there. We ate at the theater and watched Saving Mr. Banks. 

Almost through December....  One more post ought to do it!

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