Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oh, the irony!

Yes.  I took a break.  A long break.  I contemplated NEVER coming back.  Which would have delighted the webscrapers in the Ukraine (Anyone know what to do about that?) to no end.

However, in an ironic twist, I'm back for the very same reason I left.

I left because there was much ado about something that is really nothing: a blog post I wrote about my personal experience.  I received a thorough tongue-lashing from the derby community.  I left because I kept feeling like I had done something incredibly wrong.  I wrote a few more posts, and then, I stopped writing altogether.  I felt whipped.    

BTW, people still read that post nearly everyday.  It is the most popular post I have ever written.  By leaps and bounds.  And those rabid New Zealand derby girls and fans love to share it.  Kiss, kiss!  I love how you roll.

I'm back here on my blog because of a Facebook post where I really did nothing wrong but was made to feel I had said something terrible.  If we are friends on Facebook, you might have read the post.  If we aren't, you know how to find me, and can go read for yourself.  It was one where I asked for prayers for me and the teacher as I headed into a parent-teacher conference.  It was a real call for prayers, but there was some joking in there, too. 

The post was certainly a classic case of vaguebooking, but it was purposeful vaguebooking.  I did not specify the child, teacher, or school in my post because those are private details that only need to be shared with my closest confidantes. I won't go into any of that here either.  Sue me for vagueposting.  Whatever.  You don't need to know everything.

I posted what I posted on Facebook because I knew the conference could potentially be uncomfortable for me and the teacher.  The call for prayer was genuine and real, and people responded in prayer and with snarky comments and their own experiences with parent-teacher conferences.  I knew it wasn't going to be a conference where I said, "How is my kid doing?" and the teacher replied, "I just love your kid. A pleasure to have in class.  No problems I can see."  I had some concerns I wanted to address.  I had hard questions.   I knew I was probably going to hear some difficult responses.  The teacher and I both needed some of my friends to pray for our meeting. What is wrong with that? 


Unfortunately, many assumptions were made on the part of several readers. Although I was vague, the post was passed on.  And much ado was made about something that was really nothing.  Which is really a great shame because feelings were hurt unnecessarily.  No need to worry; apologies have been made.  
And just like that, I'm back. 

Because I have voice. 

Because I won't stop talking about things that concern me.

Because I won't stop asking questions.

Because if I think it, someone else is having the exact same thoughts.

Because I have not signed a technology policy.

Because words have power.  God spoke the world into existence with words.  (yeah, yeah... you disagree.  Send me an email.... )

I will continue to write about the events and topics that move me.  Or make me laugh. Even when it is unpopular or controversial or uncomfortable. 

Haters wanna hate, skaters wanna skate.  Writers are going to write.  

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