Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Eleven Year Old Problems

RNR turned 11 last month, and her preteen "my-parents-are-only-alive-to-embarass-me" problem is in full effect.

On Sunday as we drove home from church, La Bouche's "Be My Lover" came on the radio.  Mr. Incredible started doing the Night at the Roxbury signature head bob to the complete horror of RNR. 

"Daddy! Stop that."

She started to hunch down in her seat lest anyone know she was in that truck.

We decided the best thing we could do to help her was roll down the windows, turn up the music, and get the Miss Noteworthy and Bonus to join us in our wild seat dancing.  We all put on our best duckfaces and continued our jam as RNR crawled into the floorboard. You should have seen me with my imaginary lasso going over my head. It was "Dance Party USA" at its finest.

A little later in the day Mr. Incredible was sure to follow the first act up with a little Martika "More Than You Know" for good measure.   Parent of the Year Award.        


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pop Flies and Time Flies

If you have ever sat in the bleachers at your child's baseball game wondering if the game will EVER end, I have a tip for you:

Be team mom and be in the dugout. You'll be lucky if you sit down for two seconds. You will not watch the time, and you will be shocked at how quickly the game moves.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

To catch you up, Part 3

I think this last installment will do it.  And then I can get on with the stories....

Our backyard for a week!

Beautiful view

All the grandkids with Gaga and Grampy. 

Albuquerque Zoo where we saw a real WOMBAT!

And peacocks walked around just like they did in zoos from my childhood memories 
Bonus enjoyed snowboarding and thinks he may win gold in halfpipe.  As long as he doesn't have to get taken off the mountain by ski patrol (true story)

This also happened snowboarding.  We decided we are really more of a beach family....

RNR was more than glad to be rid of that cast.  She also washed her face a little too hard that morning.  Being a preteen and all, she doesn't want zits and exfoliates a little too vigorously on occasion.

I ate this and other like it.

RNR playing some b-ball

And with a fancy do

Miss Noteworthy got braces (for the second time) and glasses (for the first) all within a week.  She is taking it all in stride and has declared, "I guess it's time to get my full geek on."   

Season 3. 

And this was just Tuesday night.  The Daddy Daughter Waltz.  Miss Noteworthy didn't go, but we make her get in the picture.  RNR and Mr. Incredible chose funky casual instead of formal this year. 
It might not work for everyone, but I think they pulled it off!

And there you go!  Five months covered.  Well, except that part about the day we realized we had an army of God's creatures (or the devil's imps, depending) in our attic.  I'll leave that for another day...

Happy Heart's Day Y'all!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

To catch you up, Part 2

 Picking up where I left off....

Bonus Ninja Style

Purple makes a lovely crayon, and so does my RNR
I do not know why or how this screenshot got on my phone.
 I'll bet Cherry had a nice time at the spa though.
I was browsing at the bookstore. My good friend's last name is Doherty. 
I texted her to ask where she got her research and what her sequel would be. 

Miss Noteworthy's high school band travelled to Indianapolis for Grand Nationals
and won 5th place in the WHOLE country!!!!!  I'd love to post a picture of her in her uniform, but A) she would kill me, and B) we aren't supposed to post band images in public forums like websites.  Boo! I think I should be able to post pictures after the season is over, but no one is asking me.... 

We visited ICE.... 

Where I grew a beard.

And the next day we went to the zoo. 
My little hatchlings and I did lots of fun things while Miss Noteworthy was away getting medals
And while Mr. Incredible was in Huntington Beach surfing.
I drank this.  The translation is a passion shared by two.  I like that.
Bonus shut his own hand in the car door on the same day he had a tooth pulled. 
A REALLY rough day for my little buddy.

Icemageddon happened

So we played outside in coats and pajamas.  We walked around the neighborhood like that
because you shouldn't actually have to get dressed on a SNOW DAY!

THE hat arrived.  And the beard.
And Mr. Incredible jumped over fire like a ninja.  While he had the flu.  And was upset with his time.
He will try again this spring.  And he is crazy because he is going to do 2 Spartans in 2 days. 
It's a really cool picture though!
I still love this ornament from the Hats.  I may not be all that wise, but I still seek Him.
Right after Christmas Eve service. Before they got to open their one present.

And after they opened their new Christmas jammies! Mickey Mouse for everybody!

Me in all my Christmas morning glory. 
Miss Noteworthy's favorite Christmas prize. 
Santa knows she can appreciate the humor of a ManaTea.

Be careful opening my freezer....
And, oh yeah, I turned 43 somewhere in there. We ate at the theater and watched Saving Mr. Banks. 

Almost through December....  One more post ought to do it!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

To catch you up

It was a tough fall.

It's over. 

I lamented back in September, "For this moment though, something's gotta give. Someone is going to be disappointed about it. This time I'm afraid it's going to be me. And roller derby. Sigh."

And something did give. 

This blog.

For five whole months it sat collecting dust. And lots of hits on specific roller derby posts. And of course, hits from people with certain fetishes who google Naked Discipline and are disappointed to find no picture of me sans pants at the pool.  And hits from people wondering what to expect at their first laser hair removal appointment.

Some mornings I would think about sitting down at my computer to write, but catching you up on all that had happened seemed so overwhelming.  Then, the time that elapsed had grown even larger and how would I ever catch up....  Plus, there were things I wanted to talk about but couldn't because they were someone else's to talk about first.  There were the things I wanted to talk about but knew I shouldn't because I would regret them later.  Instead, I said just nothing and played Candy Crush.  I know.  I. Know.

Since I refuse to pay King a dime and therefore have been unmercifully stuck on the same level for weeks, it seemed catching up here might be a better use of my time.

The highlights (or just the times I remembered to take pictures or accidentally took pictures...) of the last five months.

There was going to be a disgusting blog post about the miscellaneous contents of my purse. 
Another day, friends, another day....

RNR and her older twin (body and personality), my little sister, at our favorite Chinese restaurant in Westminster during our impromptu trip to Cali in early October

My adorable niece and nephew, Cici and Bubs, at the Laguna Beach BJ's

My handsome nephew Luke who doesn't like to take pictures or smile

RNR investigating the tidepools at Laguna Beach
She's Crafty.  She gets around (the track).  And then gets caught in a huge downpour at the Day of the Dead festival.
I only craft under pressure.  And only for my team fundraiser or my children. Begrudgingly. 
But I thought they turned out pretty well.

More craftiness

Bonus took this picture at a high school football game.  I've had those shoes for at least 20 years.  Original Sebago Docksides.  I'm not kidding.  

I went to my derby league's Black Tie Awards Night.  I felt like a million bucks.  My tutu got pulled up all night.  Good thing I was wearing my purple snakeskin booty shorts underneath, but pants are always optional for Muertas.  Glittery and awkward.  Degrassi.  Wang is rad.  The motto doesn't matter.  2014 is our NEXT year because we have already been the champions once.  Not that I would EVER talk smack...

Team Cupcakes

We got Fluffy aka Cholly and put her on a leash.  Once.

I've made it all the way into October.  And even though I was gone for a long time, I'm suprised and delighted that so many of you are back with me already.  More tomorrow!