Thursday, September 5, 2013

RNR Explains It All

During a recent car ride....

RNR:  Sometimes when I am in church, I look at the heads of old people, and I want to go up and touch their fluffy, white hair.  It looks like it is so soft and fluffy, ya know?  [Pause.] But then, I think they would think I'm an idiot.

Me:  I don't think they would think you are an idiot, but I do think they would wonder why you are running your hands through their hair.

RNR:  Yeah. [Sigh.] I still want to try it though.

We are pretty sure she is gonna give us some real trouble in a couple of years.  But isn't she so cute?  Sometimes when I am in church,  I want to touch her silky, blond hair.  I usually do it.


And later the same day...

RNR:   That candy looks pretty, but it tastes like rainbows.

Me:  I would think rainbows would taste good.

RNR:  Are you crazy?  All those colors mixed together are BLECH.  You would not like the taste of rainbows.

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