Tuesday, September 10, 2013

iPhone Adjustments

About a month ago, I became a minion, joined the evil empire, and got an iPhone.  Almost entirely out of pure desperation.

My friends had long scoffed at me for not being an Apple-ette.  They chided me when I said I couldn't see the emoji they sent me or the photos they attached.  I was left out of the group texting. 

Our platforms were simply not compatible, and I was the one who was expected to change. 

Fast forward...  the weekend before RollerCon 2013, my Android started doing some strange things.  Locking up, not holding a charge, and such.  Mr. Incredible thought I might need a new battery, so we located one and replaced my battery.  If it could only have been as easy as a $40.00 fix, but, alas, it still wouldn't hold a charge.  The day before I was to leave for Vegas, my phone would barely stay on.  Something had to be done because only a crazy person would go to Vegas to stay ALONE in a hotel room with no means of communication.  Oh, right, I am a little crazy, but I am not that crazy!  Even most of the tunnel people have operable cell phones.  Not that I would know from first hand experience....

I headed down to my carrier's store and listened to all the options available to me.  The main issue was that I am still under contract until Miss Noteworthy's birthday because I added her to my plan.  I decided that breaking my contract and switching to Mr. Incredible's carrier was not in the best interest of my pocketbook.  I looked at the latest, giant Galaxy and tried to put it in my back pocket.

Ummm, no. 

It didn't fit in my back pocket and even if it had, it would have made my butt look ridiculous (my butt doesn't need that kind of attention, ya know?).  And if it didn't fit in the back pocket, it was really going to have problems fitting my bra purse.  Because sometimes I don't have a back pocket or a front pocket or an actual purse.

I looked at some other brands and found the same problem.

I consulted with Mr. Incredible who is a recent, reluctant Apple convert himself.  He said I needed to go with the iPhone because it didn't seem to have the 2-year-built-in-obsolescence that all the Android phones we have purchased have had.  I got a white one.  I wish it came in green like the iPod Touch, but it doesn't.

And so, I flew off to the land of casinos armed with a phone that fully functioned.  Yet, I didn't know how to use it.  You see, I had barely even touched an iPhone until I got my own.

I know you are wondering what rock I live under.  It's a big one with lots of lovely green moss in a field where fairies frolic freely.

Seriously.  I didn't even know how to answer a call on an iPhone before I got my own (and asked the guy at the cell phone store to show me...).  Mr. Incredible keeps telling me that it is intuitive.  Apparently, I don't do intuitive.  Or at least Apple's version of intuitive.

I am struggling with my iPhone. 

Trying to adjust to this new platform has not been easy.  I am unable to find a ringtone that I respond to and am still unsure which sound is a text, email, or phone call.  I have been butt dialing, taking unintentional screen captures, erasing my entire calendar, and sending texts to the wrong people (awkward!). 

Why this capture?  I have no freakin' idea.  It just appeared in my gallery out of nowhere.

Taking really nice pictures of my fingers, too. 

Don't ask me yet if I love my iPhone.  I need more time to know.  It has it good points (easy access to my iTunes, faster connection to the web, wide selection of apps), but after a lifetime of PC and Droid usage, I do not yet speak the Apple language.  I am a stranger in a strange land.  You can call me Gershom if you like. 

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