Thursday, August 29, 2013

From the Mouth of Bonus

To the dentist who had just discovered 8 cavities in his little mouth and asked him if he eats a lot of waffles with syrup:

"I don't eat them anymore because now I play baseball."

Non sequitur much?

And BTW, there were no cavities six months ago.  We pulled up the x-rays to be sure.  Sigh.  I'm supposed to take him to the dentist because the dentist suspects something called silent reflux. 

If it's not one mouth, it's another.  Fortunately, RNR was finally able to be a member of the no cavity club.  For once.  Bonus and I both have additional dental appointments in our near futures.

Three at bats.  Three hits.  One run.  Not bad for a little guy who doesn't eat waffles and syrup anymore.

I know the picture is not that stellar with the lighting and the fence links, but, thankfully, Mr. Incredible snapped some in my absence. Awfully cute.

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