Friday, August 9, 2013

From the Mouth of Bonus

A few conversations from the week...

"Mama, I can spell pernicious."

"Okay, let's hear it."

"P-U-R-N-I-S-H-U-S, I think."

"That's not quite right, but that's a big word. It's spelled like this [offers correct spelling]."

"Yeah, the E sounds like it shoud be an U."

pause in conversation.

"Ummm, [Bonus], do you know what pernicious means?

"Yeah, ancient, wicked damage."

"Ummm, pretty close, dude."

I walk away a little stunned at the vocabulary of my 7 year old.  How perfect that I have a son who delights in words in the same way I do.

A little later in the day...

I hand Bonus a bag of hot dog buns that are a little moldy and ask him to throw them out for me.  My hands were wet when I passed him the bag, but he didn't know that.

As he walks over to the pantry, he shivers and says, "Ew, these are so old that they produced wetness."

Produced.  What kind of kid says things like this? 

I tell him that he has a big vocabulary, and he asks me what a vocabulary is.  I explain that it is the group of words you have in your brain from where you choose what you will say or write. 

His face lights up, and he gives me his little puppy-dog-scratching-at-the-back-door-impression.  He walks out of the room repeating the word vocabulary to himself.

And finally,

"Mama, if they are setting up a paintball course do they make sure it is in a place where there are no wolves or mountain lions?"

"I have never played paintball.  It seems like that would be a good idea though."

He has the most random thoughts that seem to come out of absolutely nowhere.  I can never guess what may come out of his mouth at any given moment, and I am so curious about the thoughts that I know are constantly rolling through his little brain.

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