Saturday, July 13, 2013

Plot Summary

Summer is like the blink of an eye this year.  Apparently, when you are about to have a high schooler, life is no longer your own.  Including summers.

Too much busy.  Not enough nothing.  I need more nothing for balance. To have a chance to breathe and think.  And be quiet.

Bonus cracks me up.  But I'm feeling a little like this right now, too....  

Today I wish I could sit here for hours and write, but I have to finish getting everyone ready for church camp and baseball camp and a trip to Wyoming. 

Why Wyoming you ask?  That's the same question I asked Mr. Incredible, so we must think alike.  Apparently, one of the Colorado organizations Mr. Incredible deals with decided to hold their meeting in Wyoming instead of Colorado.  Whatever.  I have uneducated visions of sparseness.  Bathing in a bucket if you are lucky.  Not really my idea of fun.

If you love Wyoming, fantastic.  I'm not sure they have Starbucks there.  I'm gonna go google that.  Wait right here.

Source   Ok.  This is kinda gorgeous. 

I'm back.  It appears that there are between eight and fifteen stores in the whole state of Wyoming.  I don't have time to enter all the possible city locations in Wyoming into the Starbuck store locator to verify.   And I lied.  I would like to visit because I'd love to see an old friend who lives there in Laramie. 

Anywho, I digress majorly.

Back to my point, which is the summer has been and will continue to be busy.

I just finished the laundry and unpacking from our July 4th expedition to Lake Conroe.  Where we won the GRAND PRIZE for the golf cart parade!!!!

Tape everything we have left over from previous years to the golf cart for the win! 

We have no idea how we pulled this off.  It must have been "the ribbon attachment and a tape" that put us over the top.  Or the fact that it looks like the children decorated it.  They helped, but it was mainly decorated by my mother and sister.   We were the last entry the judges saw, and we did have a trailer hooked to our golf cart.  And we had a gang of thirteen people.

No, that's not Ellie Mae, it's RNR!

Uncle Mike supervising fishing with the kididdles 

Girl cousins catching a little bite together

While at the lake, we also had a great time fishing with Uncle Mike, or Muka Muk, as we like to call him.

Bonus was so proud of his catch.  Not proud enough to touch it though.

Currently, camp is the main thing on my mind.  The last time I went to camp, a friend broke her nose, and I nearly knocked myself out trying to douse Kernsie the Cheater with colored water.  That's what I get for seeking revenge on a neighbor.  Even though she totally deserved it.  I love camp.

In my cabin it will be me and another much younger, cooler, swag-wearing counselor in a cabin of fifth and sixth graders.  I have packed a great deal of candy hoping I will be able to bribe them to like me better.  You think I'm kidding.

Minus theme night costumes and sunscreen, I think my girls are packed.  Finally.  After many trips to WalMart, Target, and any store that might possibly have shorts that fit me. Derby and cake do not play nice together.

Bonus will be attending baseball camp while the girls and I are at church camp.  Many thanks to my wonderful parents who will be staying with and taxi-ing him around. 

Mind you, Bonus has never really played baseball before.  But, like most seven year old boys, he is pretty sure he is an expert.  And needs to tell everyone.  Mr. Incredible and I gave him a little speech about not schooling the baseball coach on the game.  I'm sure Bonus will give him some tips nonetheless.

I have everyone taken care of, except me.  And now, I'm going to go do that so I don't show up at camp without deodorant or pants.  Because that has NEVER happened to me before....  

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