Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Desperate Times.... Or Not

Normally, I would be telling you that we somehow managed to survive the seventh circle of hell camp in Wichita Falls.


There was very little "normal" about this year's summer camp.

To start, it wasn't 147 degrees.  And that is an incredibly strange start.

It rained.  Monday, Tuesday, and parts of Wednesday.  And stayed in the seventies for the first two days!

We were actually cold.  I was thankful that I threw a jacket in my suitcase and made the last minute trip to Target for new umbrellas. Because we were wet.  To the bone. For days.  But we weren't being burned to death like we normally are, so there were very few complaints.  When it finally dried up, it was gorgeous.  No one complained about the heat because it was comfortably warm, and we were finally dry.  You wouldn't have known we were in Texas in the middle of July if the map had not said so.

the "must-do"

Another non-normal part of camp this year is that I had repeat customers.  Six of the girls in my cabin were in my cabin two years ago.  So I knew them, and they knew me.  They already knew that my main rules are: 1). Respect. Which includes others, yourself, and property.  Particularly property that is not your own..., AND  2).  No panties on the floor. 

Having repeat customers was lovely.  Because I saw nary a pantie all week.  Neither on the floor nor on a body.  Can I get a WHOOP!?!

I'm pretty easy to live with at camp.  Plus, I had gummy bears, smarties, and tootsie pops (an oddly popular choice) for the moments when I wasn't easy to live with.  Contrast this with my last trip to camp where I forgot all my toiletries.  I may not have been the best cabin mate that year.


Miss Noteworthy and her "friend" for "Friend Night" She looked gorgeous.  And isn't he just adorable?

Those little third graders I bunked with two years ago, boy, have they grown up!  Everyone of them had DEODORANT!  (Including me.)  And they showered EVERY DAY.  Without me bugging them.  In fact, there was so much showering I had to leave our cabin to find a place to pee more than once.  And once I showered after midnight because it was the first stall opening.

But, they had matured in plenty of other ways, too.  They were sooooo easy to get along with. I never once broke up any unkind or catty talk.  I was really proud of them.  Best. Cabin. Ever.

RNR and her camp posse
And, to my delight, I lost 3 POUNDS. In the past, I have always gained a few pounds at camp.  When chicken-fried steak is dinner, you eat it or you go hungry.  And if they ask you if you want gravy, you say "yes" because that might be the only way to disguise your meal enough for you to swallow it down.  
I did the gravy and the chicken-fried steak, and I still lost more weight than I had in the previous month of trying to watch what I was eating. Which is irksome, but whatever, I'll take the three pounds.   
My cabin and few stragglers

sixth graders always insist on the photobomb...

But, before you think camp was all wine and roses, there were a few moments we all could have lived without.  One adult leader did have to go to urgent care and then be sent to the ER.  And one wee girl child broke a bone in her leg. 

There was also the lack of sleep.  Which is completely typical.  I learned that having a temperpedic mattress at camp is not a bonus.  Lots of people love them, but I like a hard bed. I don't like climbing out of the goo of memory foam each time I turn over in the night. I also chose to forego sleep on the last night at camp in order to spend some time bonding with a couple of the other ladies.  So worth it.  I got Kernsie to laugh so hard she squealed.  It. Was. Amazing.

Photo stolen from and taken by J.O. 
Licking a coffee spill off your shirt after a night of little sleep...
Desperate times = Desperate Measures

All in all, I'd say departure from normal was a huge hit.  Going back next year if they will have me!

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