Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Survival

My children have been out of school for five days.  So far, so good.


RNR has been grounded for being unkind to her brother.  She has missed out on many a playdate already.  Good thing she got her "Triangular Sleepover" in before she couldn't stop herself from calling him a baby (and other things). Again. 

RNR is also in the middle of basketball camp. Nevermind that she did not know how to dribble or throw prior to camp.  Or know the rules.  She says basketball is awesome, and she thinks she is an awesome player.  I was very proud of her for trying something new and for walking into that very full gynasium all by herself.   What I think is most awesome is that she doesn't seem to be comparing herself to the other girls.  I watched for a few moments at the end of the day, and there are girls who quite obviously know what they are doing on the court.  RNR didn't let that bother her.  Or the fact that she couldn't do a lay-up; instead, she was totally stoked that she made a basket.  She is very appropriately measuring her progress against her own previous performance.

Bonus has taken most of the skin off his knee.  Again.  I'm not even kidding when I tell you that I have emptied two boxes of Band-Aids in the past month on this child's knees. When seven year olds get a little daring on their (finally) training wheel-free bikes, it's never pretty. You can thank me for not posting pictures of the knee carnage.  It's quite oozy. Which means we haven't been to the pool. 

"Look, Ma!  Two wheels!"

The good news is that Bonus has learned to tie his shoes.  I know it seems like we should have been able to teach him to do so eons ago, but Mr. Incredible and I are both left-handed. Bonus is right-handed (no, that does not mean he is the milkman's kid. as far as you know.).  Plus, Bonus doesn't like to sit still for too long. I know his second grade teacher, Mrs. Wheeler, will be thrilled with his new ability.  No, I don't really know who his teacher for next year will be yet.  I'm just hoping that by putting it in writing it will magically be true.  Both the girls had Mrs. Wheeler and LOVED her.  I did, too.  If we don't get Mrs. Wheeler, we will also be delighted with Mrs. Blair or Mrs. Siske. 

Miss Noteworthy has entered week two of band camp.  She affectionately calls it "Standing Camp, Part Two."   The schedule is horrendous.  The expectations are unrealistic.  The teacher she liked left to go back to school.  This program may just suck the love of band right out of my kid.  Which is a real shame.  However, she did learn to play the first line of "Sweet Caroline" on the bass clarinet, which is a totally new instrument to her.  And she is enjoying tormeting her section leader.  She may write a book about this experience; we have titled it Irking Ben Miller.  Chapter One may be titled "Invoking the Wrath of Ben Miller and Living to Tell about It." You will be riveted.   

The house is in shambles, and I had a 7am Skype call this week with international strangers who will be coming to my home to film in two weeks.  I strategically placed my very tired butt at the dining room table in the dining room that is rarely used, so that they were not subjected to our sty.  That was a needless concern; they immediately asked me to lose the video because it was too slow.  Bummer.  I could have been in my pajamas in my bed and not brushed my teeth.  I am all dolled up with nowhere to go but childrens' camps and the Krogert. 

Speaking of the Krogert...  I was there with my kids the night of the rolling blackouts.  We were unaware that there had been blackouts because we had been running errands in a nearby town that was not affected.  Did you know that it is REALLY, REALLY dark in a grocery store when the power goes out, and that EVERYONE simultaneously SCREAMS?  You do now. Except me and Miss Noteworthy (who is yet again petitioning for a new name).  I couldn't scream.  I had to keep cool for Bonus who lost his mind all three times it went down.  It really was pitch dark in there. You should also know that the fancy debit/credit machines work on the generator.  Thank goodness because I had one actual dollar bill in my purse and no checkbook. And we needed hair color and Band-Aids.  Again. On both.  Miss Noteworthy is now a shade of dark reddish brown.

We have been to the library twice already.  Captain Underpants is apparently so hilarious that Bonus is on his second volume in two days.  Miss Noteworthy is on her third novel and hopes to read 25 before the summer is through.  RNR has actually read most of a book.  It's called Glory Be, and she says I need to read it, too. I think it is calling me now.

Right before the first bloodshedding...

Here's to the lazy days ahead.  One can dream.

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