Friday, February 15, 2013

Case in Point

Yesterday was Valentine's Day.  Every year I get another reminder of why I despise this pink and red plastered "holiday."  This year was no different. 

Remember that part yesterday where I told you that I once got dumped on Valentine's Day?  And the part where I had talked to Miss Noteworthy last year about how boys of all ages break up with girls on Valentine's Day (and other special occasions) because they are jackwagons?

Well, I wish I had all explained that to RNR...

I'm coming back to that in a minute. 

Before I go back there, I would like to let you know about the rest of us.

Miss Noteworthy's unconventional gift of ramen TOTALLY won Valentine's Day at the middle (of hell) school.  The "boyfriend" thought it rocked, too, and made other boys jealous by comparing their Skittles and flowers to the power of his ramen.  Everyone agreed that there is no comparison. Ramen wins everytime. Every. Single. Time. And the "boyfriend" shaved his face (so very needed) and brought her KitKats, so Miss Noteworthy had a heart day far happier than last year. Thank goodness.

Bonus spent a couple of hours of his V-Day at the doctor, and I was right there with him for the bloodwork, flu test, and strep swab.  He was extremely disappointed that he was going to be missing his party at school.  And his missing school meant I didn't get to go on my shopping date with Mr. Incredible to get new sports bras and workout shoes (romantic, no?).  Fortunately, Mr. Incredible was not traveling, and I got a few minutes to run up to the school to attend RNR's party and pick up Bonus' Valentine box from his sweet teacher.  She had even put some grapes and cookies from the party in his box so that he wouldn't miss out.

Mr. Incredible cooked dinner AND made chocolate chip cookies AND installed new faucets in the kidlets' bathroom (which is in further disarray than last year at this time but now has two non-dripping faucets). And brought me roses.  Hmmm.... I wonder if he has made another major purchase that he conveniently forgot to tell me about.  I guess I can call my Bible study class and ask them.

Back to the case in point...

RNR and another reason why Valentine's Day should be abolished.

Not so much happy for her yesterday.  RNR is in the 4th grade this year.  Last week she scandalously asked a classmate if he would be her boyfriend.  She wrote him the "circle yes or no" note.  He circled yes, so it was official. And serious.  Serious, I tell you.  The whole fourth grade was agog. 

All week the boy told her he had bought her a stuffed blue monkey for Valentine's Day.  He even sent her a picture of it. She thought it was really cute and was counting downthedaysuntil hegave it to her.  RNR wanted to have a gift for him, too.  She knew he liked Sour Patch Kids, so she bought a box for him at the Krogert.  I put a ribbon around it for her, and she was very excited to bring it to school and give it to him.  First thing in the morning, she gave him her gift.  He gobbled it up during class.  At lunchtime, he dumped her.  And didn't give her the monkey.

He took her gift, ate it, dumped her, and kept the monkey he had dangled in front of her.


Is it just me, or do you want to call his mama, too?  'Cause I want to call his mama.  And I want to wring his little neck. After I stuff a blue monkey down it. 

Plus. the aqua heart necklace that Mr. Incredible and I gave RNR that morning broke in P.E. class.  It just wasn't a good day for her.

When we returned home, we explained the events of the day to Mr. Incredible and Bonus who both had hugs for RNR and unkind words to say about the boy.  Finally, when Miss Noteworthy arrived home from school and heard the news, there was closed door sister bonding happening.  When I went upstairs to check on them, RNR was in her bed surrounded by KitKat wrappers and Miss Noteworthy was doling out more KitKats.  A stereotypical post-breakup scene. 

Fortunately, RNR had been to the Daddy-Daughter Dance with Mr.Incredible earlier this week or who knows how many KitKat wrappers I would be pulling out of her sheets today. That is a good memory.

Yeah, Miss Noteworthy didn't want to go to the dance, but Dad made her get in the picture anyway.   

I know that RNR will be fine.  In fact, she seemed perfectly normal and cheerful this morning.  Hopefully, she isn't scarred for life. 

I know some people love this "holiday" and look forward to it every year.  Good for them.  As far as I am concerned,

Hallmark with its commercialization of love can suck it.  

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