Friday, January 18, 2013

The day the couch went Pop!

You should know that Mr. Incredible frequently reminds the children that furniture is not to be jumped on.  When they run across a room and hurl themselves onto the sofa, he will ask them if that is how we treat our furnishings.  They always say no, but they, of course, have to be reminded again and again.

Two weekends ago, as I was sitting quietly on the sofa in our living room while watching a movie and folding a mountain of clothes, Mr. Incredible came and plopped himself down next to me.  The plop was quite similar to the motion that gets always Bonus and RNR in trouble.

When Mr. Incredible plopped, we heard a loud POP! and immediately found ourselves falling about six inches.

With his plop, he broke the couch.    And I really wanted to laugh hysterically, but I knew Mr. Incredible thought it no laughing matter.

In order to fully assess the damage, we flipped the sofa upside down and removed the black fabric covering the frame.  When Mr. Incredible saw the split wood, he may have uttered many words unsuitable for children.

Did I mention that our sofa is only a little over a year old?  And it wasn't cheap either.  So, Mr. Incredible was more than a little miffed that the support had split, but it split right along the grain in the wood.  It was just a weak spot.  I told him I thought it could be fixed with a support brace and a few screws.  He decided he thought he could fix it.

He headed off to Lowes to get the necessary supplies. I continued on with the laundry.  When he returned, he went straight to work.  I kept the children out of his way.  In the end, he fixed it.  It's probably better than new.  Crisis averted.

That night in bed we were talking about the "incident", and I started laughing.  Perhaps a little maniacally.  I couldn't stop, and Mr. Incredible didn't think it was funny at all.  Which I thought was even funnier. 

One of these days he is going to laugh about it, too.  Everyone else has.

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