Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Convertible I Don't Want a Ride In

About week ago when it was sunny and seventy (it has since snowed), Mr. Incredible and I went to pick up our little kiddies and a friend of one of our little kiddies at school. As we drove to their school, I spied a gorgeous red convertible with a male driver.

It was a beautiful day.  He had his top down soaking in the glorious sun,


he had his finger jammed in his nostril.  He was really going after it.  Up to the third knuckle type of digging.

Mr. Incredible and I started laughing and saying to one another, "Dude, we can all see you. Your top is down."

We made eye contact.  We thought he might have removed his finger when he realized where he was and that he had an audience.   But no.  He looked us square in the eye and continued his treasure hunt.   

I love me a red convertible, but I have no desire to take a ride in that one.

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