Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm Ready

The 2013 season opens January 26 with the Muertas Locas facing off against the Hickory Street Hooligans.  I've had enough of the off season. 

It's time to DEGRASSI it up.  This year the Muertas are getting extra fancy.
If they are looking at your butt, you may as well go all out.
Tacky but spectacular.  My speciality.  Dolly would approve.

Blind your opponents... or at least dazzle them


 Bring it.

Friday, January 18, 2013

The day the couch went Pop!

You should know that Mr. Incredible frequently reminds the children that furniture is not to be jumped on.  When they run across a room and hurl themselves onto the sofa, he will ask them if that is how we treat our furnishings.  They always say no, but they, of course, have to be reminded again and again.

Two weekends ago, as I was sitting quietly on the sofa in our living room while watching a movie and folding a mountain of clothes, Mr. Incredible came and plopped himself down next to me.  The plop was quite similar to the motion that gets always Bonus and RNR in trouble.

When Mr. Incredible plopped, we heard a loud POP! and immediately found ourselves falling about six inches.

With his plop, he broke the couch.    And I really wanted to laugh hysterically, but I knew Mr. Incredible thought it no laughing matter.

In order to fully assess the damage, we flipped the sofa upside down and removed the black fabric covering the frame.  When Mr. Incredible saw the split wood, he may have uttered many words unsuitable for children.

Did I mention that our sofa is only a little over a year old?  And it wasn't cheap either.  So, Mr. Incredible was more than a little miffed that the support had split, but it split right along the grain in the wood.  It was just a weak spot.  I told him I thought it could be fixed with a support brace and a few screws.  He decided he thought he could fix it.

He headed off to Lowes to get the necessary supplies. I continued on with the laundry.  When he returned, he went straight to work.  I kept the children out of his way.  In the end, he fixed it.  It's probably better than new.  Crisis averted.

That night in bed we were talking about the "incident", and I started laughing.  Perhaps a little maniacally.  I couldn't stop, and Mr. Incredible didn't think it was funny at all.  Which I thought was even funnier. 

One of these days he is going to laugh about it, too.  Everyone else has.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Convertible I Don't Want a Ride In

About week ago when it was sunny and seventy (it has since snowed), Mr. Incredible and I went to pick up our little kiddies and a friend of one of our little kiddies at school. As we drove to their school, I spied a gorgeous red convertible with a male driver.

It was a beautiful day.  He had his top down soaking in the glorious sun,


he had his finger jammed in his nostril.  He was really going after it.  Up to the third knuckle type of digging.

Mr. Incredible and I started laughing and saying to one another, "Dude, we can all see you. Your top is down."

We made eye contact.  We thought he might have removed his finger when he realized where he was and that he had an audience.   But no.  He looked us square in the eye and continued his treasure hunt.   

I love me a red convertible, but I have no desire to take a ride in that one.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Girls should always visit the restroom in groups

Always go to the restroom with your friends.

That's the lesson of the day. 

If I had just gone to the restroom with PandaMom when she said she was going to go and asked if I was going with her, I would surely not have hit a PARKED F-150 while pulling out of my own parking space.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Finnegan Begin Again

Happy 2013!

2013 has arrived, and while many bloggers embrace and announce a word for a theme to guide the year, all the good ones are taken.  Honestly, I haven't given the idea much thought this year, and I have no intention of letting it interrupt my sleep.

Picking a theme and having a plan has never really panned out for me, so I'm going rogue and throwing caution to the wind despite the voices of reason who tell me a word would be a good idea.

I shall buck the trend and be wordless.  Without a label.  And just continue my random ramblings when the mood strikes me.