Monday, November 5, 2012

Speedy has come to a complete halt

With a heavy heart I sadly report to you that Speedy, our $.03 goldfish, who Miss Noteworthy purchased the week of her eighth birthday, has passed away following a brief battle with air bladder disease.  He was five and a half plus whatever indeterminate amount of time he swam in the feeder tank at Petco before we brought him to our home. 

Following a brief service attended by members of his human family, Speedy was flushed to rest in the powder room.

Miss Noteworthy called Speedy "The Fish who Lived" because she frequently forgot to feed him, add water to his tank, and change his filters, but he was able to overcome her neglect and survive until this weekend.  He not only survived but thrived and grew larger each year.  We had started to make plans for him to accompany her to college.  Plans have changed.

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