Friday, October 26, 2012

Potty Mouth

Looks are deceiving.  I clearly am a serious potty mouth. 
The mom of Bonus will not let me kiss her with this mouth anymore.
This is Sid.  Sid is a good pal of Bonus.  Sid is also a giant sloth.  Sid and Bonus are particularly close right now.  Sid has even traveled to the movie theater and around town with us. He likes to ride in a backpack with his head sticking out on the back of Bonus.  If you come over to our abode, you might find them together at any given time. 

Possibly even in the bathroom.

Poor Sid has found himself head first in the potty two times in the past week. I really have no idea how this happened, and I'm a little afraid to ask.  But nosediving in the toliet means that Sid has also been wrapped in a towel and had his head stomped on an awful lot lately. And been doused with liberal amounts of Lysol and other disinfectants. 

And now, Sid has been banished from all bathrooms.  Bonus was a little woeful about this pronouncement, but when he was informed that the alternative would be the extinction of Sid, he decided he would comply.

In other bathroom stories, Bonus recently came to me griping about sharing a bathroom with his sisters.  He said, "I hate sharing a bathroom with [my sisters].  There are all these yellow things floating (tampon wrappers) in the toliet, and I don't know what they are.  And there are all these bigger yellow things in the trash can.  I think they have something to do with her Pull Ups (pad wrappers)." 

I consoled him and reminded him that his sisters don't enjoy sharing a bathroom with him either.  He frequently forgets to lift the seat.  They don't enjoy his tinkle sprinkle.  They think he is a disgusting pig.   

At this point, I sent him off to play and laughed heartily at his expense like any good mom would.  And texted my friends...

This little convo with Bonus reminded me of the time a couple years ago when I found him "fishing" in the toliet with a 40 pack of Tampax. He was having a grand ole' time, so I let him continue until the game was over.  And then I told him that there would be no more "fishing" of that sort because mommy needed to have her fishing poles available in the event of a flood.  Period.  (See what I did there?)

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