Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It Still Is Some Kind of Wonderful

A month or so ago, I was having a hard day.  I don't remember why.  It isn't really relevant, so drop it.  Seriously, you people can be so nosey at times!

Mr. Incredible knew I was down and wanted to cheer me up, so he VOLUNTEERED to sit down to watch a movie with me.  And not just any movie, but Some Kind of Wonderful!!!!  I just love this movie, and the soundtrack is still amazing--Flesh for Lulu, Lick the Tins, The March Violets.  It was coming on television in a few minutes, and Mr. Incredible said he would forgo a football game (please check hell... I'm sure it must at least have a little frost on it) or some other programming that he would normally choose in order to sit on the couch and spend a little time in the same room with me.

If a John Hughes movie is playing, I'm in!  I quickly took him up on his offer before he changed his mind.  Then, I considered that Miss Noteworthy had not seen this particular flick yet, and as it was on television, it would be edited for content and, thus, suitable for a thirteen year old.  I asked Mr. Incredible if it was okay if I invited her to watch with us, and he agreed.  Excited, I raced up to her room.  Miss Noteworthy was hunkered down in her room (as usual), and when I told her one of my favorite movies from my teen years was about to start, she decided she could break herself away from texting long enough to take in a show.

We settled in to watch....

I think my daughter pals around with too many boys.  She could not enjoy the romantic elements in this movie at all.  She thought it was sappy and ridiculous.  Boo.  When the times comes, hopefully, RNR will be able to appreciate it with me.

I enjoyed the movie despite the continual disparaging banter from Mr. Incredible and Miss Noteworthy against Watts, Keith, and Amanda Jones.  I had to tell them to shut it multiple times because they were making me miss the best parts.  I can't believe Miss Noteworthy hopped on the dock with Mr. Incredible and sold me down the river.  Her comments were as bad as his.  They took turns making cracks and trying to ruin my enjoyment THE WHOLE MOVIE. 

Miss Noteworthy did have one good point though.  Near the end of the movie, she asked why the movie is called Some Kind of Wonderful.  And, you know, there is nothing in the whole film that alludes to the title.  Usually there is a song title or a line said by one of the characters that makes it all click.  But, not in this film.  Nope.  Apparently, the movie was titled for a song that isn't in the movie.  Huh.  Lame.

I'll agree that the characters all look like they are in their twenties (which they were).  I'll also agree that there are a few (ok... many) obvious editing problems.  And the montage with Watts playing the drums is a little pointless and melodramatic.  But who doesn't love Duncan showing Keith the picture of what his girlfriend would look like without her skin and the line, " Anytime someone from the outside lifts a woman from a gwat like Jenns, we can all find cause to rejoice." 

And what girl could resist hearing the man she is in love with saying that she looks good "wearing my future"?  Yup, my kid.  That's who.

Well, I'm going to think twice before I invite Miss Noteworthy to watch Pretty in Pink.  She would probably want Andi to wind up with Duckie and crack on Blane the whole time. 

I don't care what those two say, for me it really is still some kind of wonderful.

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