Monday, October 15, 2012

Incidents of Wild Imagination

I ran into a friend last night, and we started laughing about one of RNR's unwise choices.  RNR has an incredibly delightful friend.  She loves this friend dearly.  This friend loves her dearly.  When they get together, they are the type of duo who bring the roof down.  And this is why the friend's mother and I have learned to keep an incredibly close watch on them when they are together.

About two years ago, they got the idea that if they poured an entire bottle of shampoo on the bathroom floor that they could then ice skate in the bathroom.  And this is the incident about which we were laughing.  There might have been an abrupt end to that playdate....  It's a good thing the mother and I are dear friends, too, otherwise, I would be so horribly embarrassed by such incidents of wild imagination (and destruction) on the part of my child that I might pack up my family and move to Ft. Wayne, Indiana. 

So, my friend and I started talking about how if we had thought of shampoo skating on the bathroom floor that we probably would have tried it, too, because it would probably be pretty fun.  And we agreed that the idea to skate using shampoo was imaginative.

In the middle of all this, I remembered a time when my sister and I had very vivid imaginations.  I shared this childhood memory with a friend yesterday and later with my family at dinner.  Miss Noteworthy laughed so hard she had to wipe tears from her eyes.  I got to thinking that you might enjoy this little tale, too.

Once upon a time there were two sisters who secretly called each other HoHo and Mogi.  Hoho and Mogi sometimes played together in the bathtub FOR HOURS.  Sometimes when they played in the bathtub (which was just an average tub, not of the roman, garden, or whirlpool variety), they pretended that they were swimming in Olympic races.  One of them would perch on the edge of the tub while the other swam the breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, or our own rendition of the butterfly. 

When Hoho and Mogi played this game, our Olympics was always sponsored by Dr. Pepper.  I have no idea why this was an essential part of our game, but it was.  This might reasonably make you think we drank Dr. Pepper which hopped us up and gave us the idea to expend vast amounts of energy swimming in a foot of water.

But, no. 

We would swim our "race", usually win the gold medal, do a press conference, and then, need a Dr. Pepper to refuel us for the next race.

Only our Dr. Pepper was not real Dr. Pepper.

The friend I told this story to yesterday thought, perhaps, that we had used Dr. Thunder or some other Pepper Impostor.  Or even a cola.

But, no.

Our Dr. Pepper was a just plastic cup of water.  We would swim for a while, and then breathing hard, grab the cup of water drawn the bathroom faucet, and greedily gulp it down saying  "Ah!  I needed a cold Dr. Pepper."

And although I am still a Pepper, I think that the Dr. Pepper during the Olympics was probably the best I've ever had.

The End.

Remembering this story and recalling the highly imaginative nature of the games of Hoho and Mogi, I may have snorted, laughed so hard while telling the story that I could not be understood, and nearly peed my pants.  My nephews will be greatly DISAPPOINTED to hear about the near pee.  They prefer stories where I laugh so hard I ACTUALLY pee in my pants next to the ferris wheel at the Irvine Spectrum.  And then over by the fountain in front of H&M, too.  What can I say my sister is the funniest person I know.

Hoho and Mogi masquerade as wives and mothers and  invented two dances called "Heave Ho" and "Do-do-Dee-do-do".  Occasional performances can still be caught by highly select audiences in unusual venues.

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