Thursday, August 2, 2012

Roller Con 2012

First things first.  Mr. Incredible fixed my laptop. He gets a gold star!  Yay!  I have really missed having the ability to hole up in a quiet place to think and write.  My kitchen is not so quiet in the summer!

Maybe I'll be more consistent with my blogging now, and maybe not.  I just don't have the blogging bug right now.  

Let's get to the GOOD stuff though!


Well, it was definitely bigger and better than last year.  The rumor was that it had grown from about 3500 last year to about 5000 this year.  There seemed to be quite a few more skaters in my age range, and there were defintely more "dangles"--male skaters.  Some amazing skaters were there... Suzy Hotrod, Teflon Donna, Deranged, Quadzilla LK, LuluDemon, Dirty Deborah Harry, Matomic, Demanda Riot and many, many more.

I had *slightly* sprainedmy ankle during Muerta practice the Thursday beforeRollerCon.   I tried to skate on it at Roller Con for the "over 40 only" session with The Hot Flash.  The floor was completely spongy, and I had 93's on my skates, which means I really had to push.  I did a few laps, warmed up with the group, and then tried to do a crossover during a snake drill.  Mistake!  My ankle just wasn't ready, and I decided it wasn't worth a re-injury.  I took off my skates and watched.  Afterall, I have a championship to skate in August 4th!  The Muertas need me for the bout more than I needed to skate at RollerCon.   

I sat in on some on-skates training sessions as a spectator and tooks some notes.  I really love how Dirty Deborah Harry explains skating skills.  Nikki Styx and I are planning on employing some of her techniques with new skaters in our league.  I watched her breakdown a 360-spin, and then yesterday, I tried it out on my own.  I was so excited that I could do it!  I was also able to teach RNR how to do plow stops and Miss Proper how to turn around using Dirty Deb's tips.

RollerCon does have a few kinks that still need to be addressed.  Probably the biggest issue is the token/ticket system for admission into on-skates sessions. The token system is no better than the previous line system for preventing long lines in the halls of the hotel.  I have two suggestions for improving that, and I'll be sure to share them when they send out a survey.

My leaguemates and I weren't all that thrilled that they moved the Black and Blue Ball to Saturday night this year either.  I had an early flight to catch on Sunday morning; attending just didn't make sense for me.  It will be something to factor in for next year.

Because there is definitely going to be a next year for me!  I won a big prize in the raffle... an MVP pass and hotel for Roller Con 2013!!!!  July 31-August 4.  Put it on your calendar now!!!!  I never win anything, so I was completely caught off guard that I won. 

About winning.... I was supposed to be present to win, and I didn't know that.  And since I never win, I wasn't worried about being there anyway.  I went out for a nice Ethopian meal with Nikki Styx.  We were having a really great meal, better conversation, and the most amazing coffee ceremony with incense burning and coffee beans roast just for us.  Seriously, you must have this coffee ceremony at least once in your life.  Even if you aren't a coffee drinker.  Nikki isn't and she drank two cups!

Ethiopian coffee service.  I'm going there for breakfast everyday next year.  I'll walk after though.

But back to winning.... we were eating and Cherry Cyanide Slammer called to tell me I had won and that I needed to run.  Nikki said she would finish paying out bill, and I sprinted out of there.  Down the street, through a HUGE parking lot, around a fence, into the front of the Riviera, through the casino (where I stopped running for a minute when I saw a security guy--I had visions of him taking me down for a second), past the pool, through the convention center, and finally across the floor where Rose City was losing to playing Denver in a WFTDA bout. 

Did I mention it was about 107 outside and 60 in the smoke-filled casino?  I thought my lungs were going to explode. For the next hour.  I hate running.

Ivana Spankin got my info and gave me a RollerCon fannypack (I'm not kidding... they were everywhere) with RollerCon goodies in it and took my picture.   I was sweating profusely and breathing hard, so she asked from where had I run.  I told her the Ethiopian restaurant, and she knew where that was.  She used an exclamation that I won't repeat here, but suffice it to say, she was impressed that I ran all that way.  Which was kinda awesome.  And then I thanked her and hugged her and told her that I had enjoyed her class on wheels and learned quite a bit.  The hugging part was probably a little awkward for derby, but I was a little excited.   

Yep, that's the winning ticket, right there!  And me, hot, sweaty, no make-up and glasses.  It could have been such a glamorous moment... 

Other fun happenings on the trip...  Cherry and I were out shopping on the strip and decided to go to The Sugar Factory at the Paris hotel.  It's the one that has a restaurant.  It just happened to be during happy hour.  And these ENORMOUSly fun drinks (36 oz.) were buy one get one free.  That made them 50 cents an ounce rather than a $1 an ounce, so we decided to each get one.  She had passion fruit punch, and I had a blue drink that had giant gummy sharks swimming in it.  Mine tasted a little like a Blue Hawaii.  I have no idea what was in it, but I knew drinking more than half would be no fun later.   

See those sharks lurking in the bottom?  They tasted disgusting though.

Yes, I do need my own punchbowl.  I will not share.  Isn't Cherry cute?

I also discovered Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar.   I didn't even have room for anything chocolate, but their Yellow Granita (lemonade, fresh mint and ice) was exactly what I needed after all the walking I had done.  I'm going back for the chocolate syringe next time.  And the fondue.  And the ice cream bar.

So refreshing.
These white corn and manchego croquettes were fantastic.  I dug in immediately and then knew I had to take a picture for Pandamom.  I guess it would have been more appetizing if I had moved my half-eaten one first.


 Somehow, Phenol Barbie Doll managed to escape my camera entirely.  Boo.  She's so cute.  You should have seen her at the craps table!

Cotton candy at the Treasure Island buffet.   How fun is that?

Yeah, yeah... I ate my way through Vegas.  I'd do it all over again, too.  Three hundred sixty-three days til we can do it all again!


  1. That's so fun! I've always wanted to go, but it's way to pricey with the whole week in Vegas plus entrance. I like hearing the stories, though. :) I would have been so disappointed not to skate! You have a great attitude. That's so AMAZING that you won entrance for next year!! Thanks for the post so I could get a recap. :)

    1. Hi Kiki! Yes, I won't lie; it is a pricey week. Maybe you can go later down the road when you don't have to pay for preschool and such! It really is fun and helpful.