Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Postcards from the Edge (of the Atlantic Ocean)

It's seven p.m. Sunday evening, and I would like to collapse in my bed. As per usual, I could use a vacation to recover from my vacation.

We have just returned from a week in Crescent Beach, Florida, and I have the dark legs and peeling back, chest, and shoulders to prove it. 

Oh darn!  It's hard to take a picture of your own legs... Green toes, green dress... proves it's me!  My dad might have a picture of my face.  Dads are good for things like that. 

Aside from a few thunderstorms, the weather was glorious.  The temps were in the high eighties, and the breeze was divine.

"Hurry up, Mama!" 

And, GASP!  RNR and Bonus had moments where they actually enjoyed one another. 

Well, they weren't fighting anyway... RNR was at least happy to be on a walk with me.

Miss Noteworthy spent the week trying to build the ultimate sand fort.  She was a girl on a mission.  Time, tides, and thunderstorms thwarted her efforts until the last day.  Her perseverance paid off, and we all enjoyed her success.

Miss Noteworthy sporting her cool 80's shades from surf camp

The final product 
We were face to face with wild creatures more than once....
Our tortoise friend who walked out of the dunes and right through the middle of our beach spot to cool off in the water.  How cool is that?   

Ok, so these birds weren't so wild.  We got them to catch pieces of buffalo cheddar popcorn mid-air.

The girls also had dolphins swim by them while they were at surf camp.  RNR was amazed!  We also spotted crabs, baby sea turtles, fish, and, apparently, one baby shark.  I wasn't around for the shark; I'll have to trust Bonus on that one. ;)

More to share later when Grampy sends his shots.

Wish you were there!

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