Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Picture This

So Monday was the first day of school in these here parts.  And can I just say thankyouverymuch and amen.  A week ago I was a little sad about school starting again, and then right on cue, I had a terrible, horrible, no-good day involving the temper of Bonus.  I decided it was time for school.
Everyone got up and ready on time.  Yes, including me!  So, at home the morning went off without a hitch.  Each child had lots to tell when they got home, and the younger two were cranky, cranky, cranky because they had been up since before dawn. 
Calm, cool, and casual, Miss Proper is ready to rule the school in eighth grade.

The obligatory front step shot.  RNR is in 4th this year, and Bonus would tell you, "I didn't get held back."  First grade will hopefully be friendlier to my child. 

"You are so cute.  Let me take your picture out of the window before you walk away."  I think the face says, "Really, Mom?  Can you please hurry up before someone sees?"

"Mom, I'm already late.  Can you take my picture and get out of here already?"

"I'm trying to pretend she isn't still here.  Do you think it's working?"


But Tuesday was a whole 'nother ball of wax.  RNR and Bonus resumed their usual bickering at the breakfast table, and I had to do what I refer to as "divide and conquer."  Why do they insist on irritating the snot out of each other? 

After they had been delivered to their campus, I returned home to find Miss Noteworthy in the kitchen waiting for me to fill out approximately 9,000 forms.  Mind you, I had asked her on Monday evening if she had anything I needed to fill out, and she had replied, "A couple of short forms."  Also, mind you, we had been up to her school the week before school began to fill out another 9,000 forms.  So, I wrote until my hand cramped and told her she could was going to have to pack her own lunch.  It didn't hurt her a bit. 

But here's where this day gets really comical....  Tuesday was PICTURE DAY at Miss Noteworthy's school.  Yes, pictures on the SECOND DAY OF SCHOOL.  My father would roll down his window and call the people who scheduled this morons. 

While I'm filling out this ream of papers, I notice that Miss Noteworthy has on this epic black t-shirt.  One of her favorites.  It looks like it has a name tag stuck to it that says, "Hello.  My name is  Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father. Prepare to die."  Since I am a huge fan of The Princess Bride, I think the shirt is awesome, but I wouldn't wear it for PICTURE DAY.

So, I ask Miss Noteworthy, "Are you sure you want to wear that for Picture Day?"

And, of course, she says, "It will be fine.  You never see my shirt in the pictures anyway."

I say, "Okay, if you are sure."

She says she is sure, and we head out the door for school.

At pickup I ask her how pictures were.  She laughed a little hysterically and told me that this year they took a full body shot.  She said she was at least glad she had worn an outfit that matched.  But, she was pretty remorseful that she had not listened to her mother and changed into a blouse. 

She also told me a wonderful little story about how her hair had gotten very bushy and out of control through the day, and she panicked as she was waiting in line to have her picture taken.  She recruited some friends to fix her hair.  When you see the yearbook, that will be my child with her hair in a side ponytail.  Wearing an Inigo Montoya shirt.  Please know that I did not encourage this look. 

Fortunately, she has a friend whose woes far surpassed hers.  He picked picture day to wear a shirt that said, "I'm a Brony."  For those of you who do not speak Rainbow Dash, this translates into "I'm a dude who likes My Little Pony."  That makes a side ponytail and Inigo Montoya look like a really smart fashion decision.  Anyway, that image made me laugh uncontrollably. 

We're off and running....

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