Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Mama, I think this is stuck"

Don't try this at home.

If your six year old tells you he is bored and you then tell him that he is responsible for his own fun, be prepared to use force to remove round Legos from his canine teeth. And have your phone handy so you don't miss the photo op. 


  1. Ha! Can't wait for my moments like this...which are sure to come. Soon. And, not in a related note, I skated with BG last night, who was in Houston and attended our practice! I told her to tell you hi, but just in case she doesn't, HI!!

    1. She forgot! I reminded her. She enjoyed meeting you and skating with y'all!

  2. Oh, Bonus. You are such a boy. A lovable, adorable, little boy. :)