Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Unintentional Hiatus

Yes, I've dropped you.  I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to.  You see, Bonus accidentally knocked my laptop off my nightstand, and it is having severe keyboard problems.  I haven't had time to get it fixed, and I have to fight the hordes to get a turn on the family computer that lives in the kitchen.  When I do get a turn, I need to check and send emails, check my league forum, and pay bills.  Yes, I occasionally use that time to check in on Facebook, too. At any rate, until the kids go back to school or I get off my horribly bruised butt to get my computer fixed, my posts will continue to be sporadic.

In the meantime, a quick update on what we've been doing around here for the last two or so months.

I'll let you guess where this is...  Two wheels and truck can leave quite an impression.

Bonus asked for a mohawk.  Mr. Incredible thought a Hawkmo would be funnier...

Bonus was much happier with the end result

I had to try this. 

Miss Noteworthy had her first "friend night" at camp. 

Who knows why RNR is making that face.  Probably just complete exhaustion following a long, hot, fun week at camp. 

The picture does not capture the cankle adequately.  Sprained ankle and twisted knee plus a near skate rape all in the same practice.  And no one even hit me.  So. Very. Ridiculous.  So much elevating and icing. 
We've been to Chuck E. Cheese.  More than once.  In fact, we went two days in a row just last week.  I think Bonus may actually want a job there someday, and we happen to know someone who might be able to hook him up with that.
The girls went to camp, and I didn't.  I sent them a couple of care packages.  The camp mail lady may have thought I was a little crazy.  I assured her I am.
I liked this one.
Nothing like wearing a disguise AND a swimsuit in the bathtub.  I hardly recognized them when they called me into the bathroom.
We celebrated the twin's birthday.  We had so much fun we forgot that we were missing the fireworks.
This is Melchizedek, a friendly wheel bruise. 
We could not spare a square.  We completely ran out of toliet paper.  It was a near emergency save a handful of Kleenex.  I texted this picture to friend who was concerned about the issue. 
Moonsand.  I hate Moonsand.  My kids love Moonsand.  RNR always has to take a picture of her creations.
The kids and I have made several trips to Six Flags.  We rode this roller coaster.  Bonus laughed at me because I held on to him the whole ride.  I didn't want him to fall out. 
Miss Noteoworthy had blue hair.  It. Was. Epic.
RNR and Bonus got along for nearly an entire day for the benefit of a derby baby who came over.  It was pretty much a miracle.
Princess Leia hair because she could.
The time a skate met my side. 
This is Methuselah.  After a month.  Yep, he stuck around a long time.
Miss Noteworthy following the last band concert of the year.  I'm so glad I considered the background when I snapped this.

Bonus and I went on a little lunch date to one of my favorite burger joints, The Love Shack.  Quail egg on your burger or fried spinach anyone?
We FINALLY celebrated Bonus' 6th birthday with his buddy.  We built a sloth and a bear after spending the morning at Legoland.
We saw a 4-D movie or two at Legoland.  And bought a few things in the store... There may have been a little mom guilt over the lateness of the celebration.

See.  We've been busy. I promise to catch up after RollerCon.

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