Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kicking It Up A Notch

Didn't you just love Emeril's enthusiasm?

I'm trying to get some for myself. 

Some of you know that I have expressed, ummm, err, a slight hesitancy about playing with the boys.  My fellow Muerta co-captain knows this about me, and after the bench manager told me I was in the next jam, she quietly said, "Reckless, there are men in the next jam.  Do you want to wait?"

I told her it was okay.  I was going to play in that jam with the men.  Beezle looked at me with surprise.  I was actually a little surprised at myself.  But I am ready.  I played in that jam with Just the Tip and Ninja.  And later I played in another jam with VIP. 

I blocked BOYS at my last scrimmage. I even hit one of them. I didn't really move him, but I gave him a little tink and then got in front of him for long enough to slow him down and let my jammer pass.  

Actually, I'm going to own it.  I blocked MEN at my last scrimmage.  And my captain and co-captain noticed and gave me props for being aggressive. 

So, BAM!

My derby funk is OVER.

And, BAM!

I'm committing to cross-training and eating right again.  I'm ready to get stronger, leaner, and faster again.  I've got five weeks until my next bout, eight weeks until the championship (Muertas are playing for the championship, FYI), nine weeks until Roller Con (See you there! Can't wait to meet some of you in person.  British Stalker, please stay home.), and probably nine or ten weeks until the draft for next season. 

That's more than enough time for me to get ripped enough to kick some big butts.  And be ready for some Muerta pool parties.  All day long.  All day Muerta strong.  I'm bringing strong sexy back. 

You haven't seen DEGRASSI yet.

© 2012 Thorpeland Photography & Thorpe Griner

What, what!  Holla!


  1. How do I spell RAWR on here? R-A-A-A-W-W-W-RRRRR!!!!!!! Go get 'em Reckless!!!!! ; )

  2. I am ready to join your fan club! Go Reckless!

  3. I need to know when that next bout is. I want to be there! I have begun to love the derby! (Roller... not Kentucky)

  4. And then you went and kicked it up another notch and bouted with the boys.