Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Would you take a bullet for me?

...or maybe a bullet from me?

Yeah, yeah... I'm giving you a bullet list of random stuff from the past couple of weeks.

* When looking through old photo albums of me in high school, Miss Noteworthy busts out with, "Flash to past to find out your mother is the ultimate dork."  Well, I never have tried to hide it.  I OWN my dorkiness.  I guess she just now started paying attention.  Or maybe she's finally embarrassed by her parents like all other teenagers in the world.  My comment when looking at a picture of me on my high school graduation cruise, "My pants had sea creatures on them."  Wow.  Please remind me that although printed pants come into fashion from time to time, they are NEVER a good idea. 


*I got a new car.  I've already put over 2,000 miles on it.  I even vacuumed it myself yesterday.  I know.  I was so proud of me, too.

Isn't it me?  Thanks, Mr. Incredible!

*  When trying on clothes in my closet, Miss Noteworthy came across my favorite pants from 1993.  Brown and cream plaid wool stirrup pants.  They were so gorgeous back then.  And I was so tiny at twenty-three that the pants were too tight on Miss Noteworthy.  Her comments, "Mommy, those are hideous.  Why did you like them?"  Also, "Oh!  There's straps on these pants.  Do I put my foot in them?"  Miss Noteworthy shook her head at me when I put them back in the closet.  I might be able to wear them again someday...

*We cleaned out the garage.  After 8 years.  We have done small cleanups every year, but we never committed to turning the two car garage into a garage capable of housing two vehicles simultaneously.  The right bay has been filled to the brim with useless junk, bikes, wagons, paint cans, tools, and other scary items.  However, the threat of extreme weather over the weekend and the thought of either of our vehicles being out on the driveway during that weather helped us commit.  We could have cared less if the hooptie sat out during a tornado.  In fact, we may have wished a tornado would have picked it up and carried it away.  We sorted, swept, organized, trashed, and dontated for seven straight hours.  And then we crashed dinner over at our neighbor's house because we were too tired to think about our own meal preparations.  Thanks, Kernsie!  We can now pull both vehicles into the garage if severe weather (mainly hail) is on it's way.  It's a tight squeeze, but it will work in a pinch.

Mr. Incredible sorting through "old pimentos" Some people might refer to them as momentos. 

We said goodbye to the Little Miss Sunshine playhouse after twelve years of fun.

There really is a floor under there...
* I nearly peed in my pants this morning listening to Miss Noteworthy's dream from last night.  She was naked at junior high, which is a dream we pretty much all had.  However, in hers she was sitting in the band hall rubbing deodorant on her knees and repeating "I'm a nerd. I'm a nerd." over and over.  Then, in the dream she went into another room to put a bra on and told people not to watch.  She was snorting while telling the story.  We were crying we were was laughing so hard. It was a fun morning with her.  One more year of junior high dreams, then she can move onto the dreams where she is naked in the hall at high school. 

*I did make the wonderful salad.  Mine isn't as pretty as Julie's, but it tasted wonderful.  RNR did think it was pretty awesome to have spinach, asparagus, bacon, eggs, and lemons all in the same meal.  And we discovered that asparagus roasted with fresh thyme is amazing. 

There was not one bite left at the end of the meal. I hated that I broke an egg, but I wasn't going to cook another just for the picture.   That would be Julie's job.  What am I saying?  Julie would never break an egg. ;)

*I went to Corner Bakery two days in a row with different friends.  Someone asked if I could go today.  I said no.  I'm tired of Corner Bakery.  Plus, I had copy and lunch duty up at the elementary school. 

*A friend and I decided we would attend a local Going Beyond (Priscilla Shirer) conference together in August.  Perhaps some of our other friends will decide to join us.

*I ticked off an opposing jammer in scrimmage on Saturday morning.  I threw one of my teammates into her.  It was completely legal, but she didn't like it.  She fell to the ground and shouted at my teammate instead of jumping to her feet and getting back into the jam.   I felt victorious even though she lapped our jammer and won the jam (more points) because I figured out a way to momentarily distract her.

*Ruby SoHo and I got to pick the teams for scrimmage on Saturday.  I hated that I had to pick someone last.  I like it much better when we can just play in our regular teams.  I can't remember who I picked last.  I just know I felt bad about even having to do it.  Sucks.

*A friend of mine coined a new phrase I am liking to use.  It's called "having a Wilson moment."  It's that moment when you realize that you are much older than you thought you were.  Like when you find out that the bartender you and your friends were chatting it up with is NINETEEN.  I could have birthed him and had a legal drink after.  I was hoping to set him up with one of my single derby friends, but he was even too young for them. 

*RNR threw two huge fits yesterday, which is highly unusual.  I think she is getting sick.  I sent her to her room to cool down.  As she stomped up the steps she yelled that she wished the sun didn't exist.  From across the kitchen table, Bonus asserted, "If the sun didn't exist, we wouldn't be alive."  Apparently, he does occasionally listen during science.


  1. If YOU were a nerd in High School then what would that make me? Because I can GUARANTEE I was more nerdier than you.

    1. I didn't say I was a nerd, I said I was a dork. I was nerd, too, though. I never had any NKOTB dolls, so I guess you totally win. You want to win, right?

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love this list of bullet points, and that meal looks delicious. I wish I weren't so intimidated by cooking!

    1. What's a little food when you can run for miles and miles? I can run to the end of my street, but that's about it.

      I just went and read about your failed biscuits. Do you have an electric or gas oven? Gas ovens are tough to bake in. Your pizza looked good though! Don't be intimidated! We all have epic failures in the kitchen. I have cooked inedible meals many times through the years. Sometimes, it's just a bad recipe. Hint: If a recipe has Campbell's Nacho Cheese Soup as an ingredient, do not proceed.