Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One Question

Why do men who drive Range Rovers always think that they own the whole world?

I've yet to encounter even one who doesn't.

If you know one, please introduce me.

I'm skeptical that it's possible.

Six weeks of school left.  So ready to not have to get in the drop-off lane.  Tired of Mr. Range Rover drinking his coffee, talking on his cell phone, and not waiting his turn at the stop sign.  Everytime I see him.  Apparently, his time is far more important than that of everyone who takes the time to actually stop and take turns around the intersection. 

This morning when Mr. Range Rover pulled out without stopping would have been one time when I wouldn't have cringed as Bonus yelled "BOGUS" at passing cars with the windows down.  I might have cheered.

I think I'm going to try to actually set that up to happen tomorrow. 

Is it wrong to encourage that type of behavior in your child?

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