Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tonight I Skate

This is an old post I never published from the beginning of February.  Enjoy or don't.  I'm too busy to care...

I'm tired.  I have been up multiple times on multiple nights with a sick child. 

Tonight I skate.

I'm sore.  My behind is bruised from one too many hits and falls in Saturday's bout (Go Muertas!  We won 126-84).  From my biopsy, I have steri-strips and an amazing bruise on my right twin, (not identical... I wish I could post a picture because it is so derby-worthy.)

Tonight I skate.

The laundry is out of control.  My sink is full of dishes.  Not a bed in the house is made.

Tonight I skate.

And when I skate, I think about nothing but skating.  And I am grateful for the singular focus brought by eight wheels.

Tonight I skate.  Tonight I soar.

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