Thursday, March 8, 2012

Super Tuesday

I almost flipped my hooptie hottie minivan on Tuesday.  For reals.

I was just minding my own business driving a short mile or two to meet some friends for lunch and the next thing I know, I was teetering precariously on two wheels.  And there was nowhere to stop even though I knew I had blown out one tire, possibly two.

I had to drive my recently disabled vehicle about one hundred yards before I could pull into a left turn lane (it's actually one where you can't make a left turn because there is no road to the left, so it was convenient and out of the heavy traffic speeding down the main drag).  By that time I had damaged the wheel.

The back driver side tire also had a baseball sized bulge on the sidewall, but thankfully it did not blow out.  I'm pretty sure I would have flipped if it had.
I drew quite a little crowd.  A man stopped to offer assistance, but I told him my husband was on his was way.  A woman in the fanciest Mercedes money can buy pulled up and offered to give me a ride.  She said she turned around and came back because she didn't want me to have to stand in the median.  I thanked her, too, and explained that my husband was just around the corner and not to worry herself over me. 

Mr. Incredible pulled up.  As he exited his truck, I asked him to please not fuss at me because I was extremely upset from nearly rolling my van.  He didn't.  He just asked if I was okay and kinda scratched his head.  He wasn't sure what we were going to do and asked if insurance would tow the car.  I suggested we call AAA because it would be faster and easier and probably less expensive.  He called and had them send a tow truck.

While we were waiting for the fast tow guy, two county sheriffs pulled up to offer assistance and keep traffic off of us.  They were helpful and kind-hearted.  They joked with us and made us laugh, which kept me from crying.  We talked about Mr. Incredible skeletoes shoes.  We talked about the commercial where the pudgy cop says when he gets of his shift all he wants to do is lay on the couch and watch some tv and then flashes to him on the sofa watching "COPS." 

As we chatted with the county sheriffs, a local police car pulled up and sent the county sheriffs on their happy way.  This officer was not my favorite.  He asked for my license, and I gave it to him.  And my heart pounded because, although I knew it had been a complete accident (and completely bizarre), he made me feel like a criminal.  He asked me if I had been texting or talking on the phone; I had not.  He quizzed me about how it could have possibly happened and insinuated that "accidents" like that do not happen without some kind of precipitating action.  I told him that I thought I caught the curb and corrected in such a way that one wheel went over the curb and then corrected again to have the other wheel join and finally both wheels came of the curb which seemed to cause the blow out.  It was extremely windy.  The gust of wind could have blown me too close to the curb.  I told him I really wasn't sure; it all happened so quickly.

He never asked if I was okay or if I was injured.  And he just kept looking at me accusingly.  And asking me questions.  It was terrible.  And I knew Mr. Incredible was not liking the way he was talking to me and looking at me.

Finally, the tow truck pulled up.  I was so relieved that I could get out of that median, away from that officer, and stop being the circus sideshow for everyone who traveled down that busy road. 

Mr. Incredible had some choice words for the local officer once we got home.  I agreed with him and wondered why the local officer could not handle the situation in the same way the county officers had. 

The rest of the day was devoted to trying to find a replacement wheel that could be here by Friday.  Which never happened.  It's rental city here for the next week. Which is fine. 

And then Bonus broke his glasses on Tuesday.  And cried about it a couple of times.

I'm thankful I'm safe, and I'm thankful I was alone in the car.  I never like to scar my children for life.  I'm thankful for the means to have a rental car.  I'm thankful that Mr. Incredible is still letting me drive his truck...

Not the Super Tuesday you thought?  Well, it surprised me, too.

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