Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yes, I could call it Valentine's Day, but I actually prefer Miss Noteworthy's observation of this day:

"Happy Singles Awareness Day!"

and she followed this with "Valentine's Day is overrated."

I agree.

I'm pretty sure this "holiday" does a lot more to remind people who want a special someone but do not have one that they are not coupled than it does to promote romance for anyone. 

We need a holiday for this?

Can you tell I'm not a fan? 

Yeah, yeah, Mr. Incredible and I are going out for lunch anyway.  He tried to buy me a blouse and a dress yesterday, but I decided against them.  Wonder if I could get a new sofa out of this...

We did get the kids little gifties (nothing like a Monster High doll to say "I love you").  We've succumbed to cultural pressures. The shame.

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