Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who loves ya, Baby?

I'm snuggled in bed with Bonus watching Indiana Jones try to find the ark.  We haven't gotten to the snake part yet.  When we get there, we will have to hide our eyes.

Bonus has had a hard week.  Mommy and Daddy have had a hard week, so this quiet downtime is welcome.  Even if we are having downtime because Bonus is a little sick in his belly.

Every few minutes, Bonus leans over and says, "Who needs a hug?"  And, of course, I will always answer that with a yes.  Mommy will always love her baby.      

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Five Pound Dress

Two weeks ago when I accidentally arrived an hour and a half early for derby practice  (don't ask...), I had, well, an hour and a half to spare, so I decided to do a little shopping.

I bought a variety of items including a rug, a shirt, a medicine cabinet organizer, two dresses for me and one dress for Miss Noteworthy. 

Miss Noteworthy did not like the neckline of her dress and the dress I loved was enormous on me (a good problem, I realize).  Those were going back.

I tried on my other dress which was a form-fitting red number.  It was what I call a five pound dress.  If I lost five pounds it would fit perfectly, but at that particular moment, it was too tight in my butt.

I quickly decided I would take it back, laid it on my bed, and walked out of the bedroom.

Later that day...

I walked into my bedroom to discover that Bonus had "helped" me by taking the tags off of my new dress for me.


I'm now trying to lose five pounds to be able to wear the red dress I wasn't wanting to keep.  I have dusted off Brazil Butt Lift and am starting today.  Last time I did it I lost four pounds in the first week, so it might be possible. I hope I stay on track enough to be able to wear it out to dinner in Vegas next week.  I'll be meeting Mr. Incredible's boss and many of his co-workers for the first time.  Yikes!  

P.S.  Mr. Incredible said no to my idea for a Valentine's sofa.  Sniff, sniff.  We settled on a fish and seafood lunch out and a scallop dinner in followed by a movie on vudu.  Have you watched a movie on vudu?  The streaming speed and picture quality was fantastic!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yes, I could call it Valentine's Day, but I actually prefer Miss Noteworthy's observation of this day:

"Happy Singles Awareness Day!"

and she followed this with "Valentine's Day is overrated."

I agree.

I'm pretty sure this "holiday" does a lot more to remind people who want a special someone but do not have one that they are not coupled than it does to promote romance for anyone. 

We need a holiday for this?

Can you tell I'm not a fan? 

Yeah, yeah, Mr. Incredible and I are going out for lunch anyway.  He tried to buy me a blouse and a dress yesterday, but I decided against them.  Wonder if I could get a new sofa out of this...

We did get the kids little gifties (nothing like a Monster High doll to say "I love you").  We've succumbed to cultural pressures. The shame.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Offense and Defense

This week the blogosphere and the media in general broke two stories (Birth Control Recall and Susan G. Komen/Planned Parenthood) that have been weighing on my mind and heart.  Everyone seems to have his or her opinion on the matters, and I am not any different in that.  I have my opinion regarding what is true and what is right when it comes to women and their bodies.

But this post is not about my personal opinion, even though it very well could be as this is my blog, and my blog is an appropriate forum for me to rant and rave about whatever I choose. However, I find many of the comments I am reading on Facebook and around the blogosphere to be divisive and disparaging. When I read the comments and posts, my initial reaction is to blast back and defend my own position which may stand in stark contrast to yours.  Which makes it no less valid, FYI.  But my opinion is not important today.  If you want to know where I stand, ask me.  I'm just not going to throw my opinion around right now because I think all the petitions and comments are causing us to lose focus and miss the main point.   

Although I know a few gentlemen do regularly read my blog, I know the bulk of you are women.  Women at my church, women in my neighborhood, women with children who go to school with my children, women in my derby league, women in Australia who play derby, women who were my dear friends in high school and college.  Women I have never met.  Women I hope to meet someday.  Women, women, women.

Ladies, let's not lose our heads.  Let's not be distracted by our own opinions as to what is right and wrong.  You are free to hop on whatever bandwagon you choose.  In America, the Declaration of Independence asserts the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; I would not be one who would challenge those particular freedoms.   

PlannedParenthood is not the only provider of free breast exams for low income women.  Underinsured and low-income women needing breast screenings can still receive these crucial screenings in other locations.  The money from Susan G. Komen is still being used to provide breast screenings; the grants are just being given to different people.  It's still being used to check boobies with no monies. This giant crusade against Susan G.Komen is over $600,000 that is still being used to help women.  Just not at PlannedParenthood.  Is this really worth a war between women on different sides of the reproductive/birth control argument? 

Isn't that the money is still being used to help underserved women what is really important?  Or  is your own political agenda and political expediency more important?  You choose.

Look, how I feel or how you feel about birth control or Planned Parenthood, even the procedure of abortion, is largely irrelevant when we are talking about breast screening for uninsured, underinsured,and low-income women.   

And that's what we are really talking about, right?

It shouldn't really matter what your political or spiritual convictions are when we are talking about saving women's lives or catching breast cancer in its earliest and most curable stages.

So, before you get all up in arms and pledge to never wear a pink ribbon again or wear more pink ribbons than before, think about the real issue.

If you are a woman, you need to check your breasts.  Every month.  You never know what you might find.  And if you don't check, you won't know what "normal" is for your breasts.  And guys, although less talked about, you can actually develop breast cancer, so give your chest a rub from time to time, too.  

You need to get your boobs, tatas, fun bags,"lungs", golden winnebagos, mammary glands--whatever you like to call them--checked by a doctor. Early detection is crucial.

If you fall into the 40+ category, you need to have a mammogram.  And if finances are an obstacle, don't let one organization's change in grant funding prevent you from availing yourself of needed care and follow-up elsewhere.  Don't let the fear of a "bad" mammogram prevent you from scheduling one.  Ask me.  I've had a slew of "bad" mammograms since 2008.  I got "bad" results last week.  I even had a biopsy last Saturday (yes, I bouted on the night I had a biopsy... my doctor allowed it).  I still go for these appointments because if I wind up developing breast cancer, I want to catch it early--for myself, my family, and all the people who love me.  And, p.s. the biopsy showed the lump I found in my own regular self-breast exam was a benign tumor. 

Derby girls love to show off their bruises.  This is 4 days post-biopsy.  You should have seen it on Monday. 


That's the underlying issue.

Don't get sidelined.  Get checked.