Friday, January 13, 2012

Only at Derby Practice...

would you hear snickers when someone said,

"If you see a hole anywhere, go jump in it."  (regarding a jammer making her way through a pack)


"We are going to go outside to eat tuna." (when people are really going outside to eat their lunches)


"That doesn't look like it's deep enough for a helmet." (a skate bag)

You know those innocent comments were all followed by a whisper of, "That's what she said."

And only in derby would one girl ask another girl about short sizing...

and the other girl immediately drop her shorts to her ankles, step out of them and hand them to the other girl.  And casually stand there in a pair of tights.

And the injury comparisons were like fishing stories last night...  You know, the big one that got away. 

It continues to be a real eye-opener.

Oh, the things I see and hear in the places we roll...

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