Thursday, January 26, 2012

Have You Ever Seen Four Cuter Eyes?

Bonus had asked to go to the eye doctor for...well, it's been awhile.  Pretty much since he went to Kindergarten.

But, he passed the vision screening at school, so I wasn't in any hurry to get him there.

I thought he just wanted glasses because he has a couple of buddies at school who wear glasses.  I even made that comment to a couple of my friends.

I took him to the eye doctor on Monday, and guess what?

He actually needs glasses for reading and schoolwork.  He is farsighted, which surprised me because both Mr. Incredible and I are nearsighted.  Turns out my dad was farsighted, too, but I never realized that because he always talked about his severe astigmatism instead of the farsightedness.  I'm going to have to check with my mother-in-law regarding the far or nearsightedness of Mr. Incredible's side of the family.

Of couse, I sat in the room while Bonus had his exam, and I felt guilty for putting off his appointment when I heard him try to read the line that was three lines above 20/20.  He was mixing up "o" with "c" and "c" with "o." 

No wonder he has been struggling so much with his school work.

So, now my little man is a four eyed cutie.  He picked out his own frames, and I think they look very handsome on him. In the frame-picking process, I learned that my son has impeccable (read: expensive) taste just like his mama.

He is taking pretty good care of his specs, too!  Five days later he has only lost them in the house four times...  :) 

His teacher said she noticed an improvement the very first day he wore them.  Poor little buddy.  I'm sorry I didn't run straight to the eye doctor.

Unfortunately, he still hates school and begged not to go every morning this week.  Do they have a doctor for that? 

"Mom, you have to stop taking pictures of me so I can do my work.  I already know I have cute eyes."


  1. His eyesight has gone bad for a young age. But at least he had it checked up and was prevented from getting worse. This is the main reason why it's important to have our eyes checked regularly.

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  2. If his eye sight wouldn't have gotten checked, it could have gotten worse. At least he is wearing an eye glass now, and his eye sight is being monitored. This just shows the importance of having regular check-ups.