Thursday, January 12, 2012

Doing You A Favor

Some of you can't seem to remember the blogspot part of the url, and some of you haven't learned how to bookmark.  My typical suggestion for you has been to follow my blog or sign up to get it on your email.

I realize some of you do not want to publically follow me and have your sweet little face show up on my blog.  I don't blame you.  Your mom might see that you are following me, and that would be awkward (What's your mom doing at my website?  That's my question...).


You can remember my name.


I'm making it easier on you.

You can now get to me more easily.

That doesn't mean I've suddenly become too sensitive (I already am too sensitive, but let's not quibble over this.).  It means I'm considerate of a couple of you who are apparently a little on the lazy side.

You can still get to me the same old way you used to.  I'm not asking you to change your ways.  Heaven forbid you move forward or grow or anything of the sort.  However, you can now also get to me with just !!!

Isn't that convenient?

It's taken nearly three years for the old owners to release the url, but they released it.

I'll probably get all kinds of additional hits from people looking for porn in addition to the hits I already get for people looking for porn. 


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