Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tired Boys and Girls

The conversation Bonus and I had when I went in his bedroom to wake him up this morning...

Me: Good morning, little boy!  Wakey, wakey!

Bonus:  I can't get up.  I'm absent today.

At which point I left the room to gain my composure in order not to laugh in the face of my child and encourage him any further...  All I can say is that this kid is funny.  He consistently cracks me up.

Eventually, he decided to get up and not be absent.

Next, I went to wake up RNR, and she made a crazy noise.  When I told her that I believed that noise indicated that a small, furry animal had just been killed in her bedroom, she laughed so hard that she had to run to the bathroom. 

Two kids up; one to go.

And when I went into Miss Noteworthy's room to check her progress, she told me she had a nightmare within a dream last night.  In this nightmare, she had nine days of ISS (in-school suspension) for PDA (public display of affection).  I think this nightmare was a direct result of the teenage couple that insisted on mauling one another right in front of Miss Noteworthy and Mr. Incredible as they waited in line to ride Mr. Freeze at Six Flags yesterday.

And that is what a Tuesday that feels like a Monday looks like at our house.

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