Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm Behind... What Else Is New?

Pandamom & I ala Eighties Throwback Evening.  Our fabulous friend Dave in the background.  Trying to read something that apparently needed his complete attention and two pairs of glasses.  We think we are young, but we fit in just fine with all the other 19,997 forty and fifty years olds in attendance.

I promised I would fill you in on the amazing concert.  Meh...

We had a great time.  Night Ranger was Night Ranger.  Never a favorite of mine, but I was surprised at how many songs I knew. 

Foreigner was the best.  I did know every song and sang along, too.  And the performance was fabulous until Mr. Lead Singer tried to be ultra-sexy during "Dirty White Boy" and rubbed his butt.  I probably could have lived forever without seeing that.  It might have blinded me for life if I had not been able to immediately laugh at the ridiculousness of seeing a sixty year old man projected on a jumbotron rubbing his backside while middle-aged women screamed like teenagers.  People really do this.  Only now there is evidence on YouTube.

Journey was disturbing.  The songs were the same.  They sounded the same.  Only the lead singer is now Asian.  I found the best way to experience this was to rest back on our blanket, close my eyes, and occasionally open them to take sips of the glass of $1.50 merlot that cost me $8 dollars a glass.  It was much more convincing to play Journey videos in my head than to look at the stage.

There was a great deal of laughter and loads of story swapping which you know is my favorite. The weather was absolutely perfect for sitting on the lawn.  The music we knew by heart from our preteen and teenage years brought back memories we relished and some memories of heartache that we would rather let go.  The stars were out.  The wine was fine.  And as much as we all enjoyed the company and the reminiscing, we will not be returning for  the Guns N Roses concert.     

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