Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Pick Scabs

Gee, that post title sounds extra disgusting...

My new knee protection came in yesterday, and I got to try it out at our little Fighting Unicorns team practice last night.

The Smith Scabs are a bit bulkier than the Triple 8 pros, but they are also like landing on leopard print pillows when I fall (which I do ALL the time).  I have added gaskets to my protective gear to help my knee pads stay in place.  The gaskets also add an additional layer of padded protection around the knee cap.  Protection is good, and I can already tell that the gaskets are a good addition.

When I first put them on, I was concerned that I would have to adjust my skating and crossovers because they cover more of my leg than the Triple 8's, and they do stick out further from my legs.  However, I had pretty much forgotten about them by the end of the hour. 

Aren't they purdy?
I will tell you that the sizing on the Scabs is crazy.  I had a small in the Triple 8's.  I needed a L/XL in the Scabs.  They only come in S/M and L/XL.  I think Smith thinks we all have toothpick legs like the skater boys I grew up around.  However, my legs have never resembled a toothpick.  If you can, try a friend's before you order.

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