Friday, September 2, 2011

Have We Met?

I told you all about my embarrassing visit to the community pool.  If you didn't catch the Naked Discipline post in June because you were on vacation... read it lest the rest of this make no sense.

Back in June I thought the pool monitor was just a college kid and didn't sweat too much over the fact that some college kid had seen my freshly waxed full frontal (and don't forget the backal).  I mean, at least everything had been all pretty and shiny if it had to be revealed to strangers in BROAD DAYLIGHT.  I only had to awkwardly sign in and avoid eye contact with him for the next couple of months, right?  Plus, I could wear a different bathing suit and huge sunglasses when I went to that pool, so that he wouldn't be reminded of my nude streak (never brought the polka dots back to that pool...).  I could also avoid that pool and visit the other two pools in my community instead (which I did when possible).  

I figured he would roll off the community payroll during September, go back to school, and we would never have to meet again.  Isn't that the perfect ending?

I could not have been more wrong.

He is a college student, and he is back to classes. 

However, he is a also a DAD who has kids at the same school as my kids.  And I have run into him almost daily these first nine days of school.

And everytime I see him, I can see that he is trying to figure out how he knows me.  Let's hope he never figures out the connection.  But just to make sure, I have PURGED my closet of all things in black and white polka dots. 

I wouldn't want to do anything to jog his memory. 


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