Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Are you bout it? I'm bout it, bout it.

Well, our first bout was A. Ma. Zing.  I played for the Fighting Unicorns, and we won!  Actually, we creamed them.  It would have been fantastic even if they had won, and those Battling Mermaids played a super game, too.  We just got lucky.

I took a few hard hits, fell a few times, gave a couple hits, made some nice contact, and SCORED A FEW POINTS!!!!  Yeah, we were so far ahead that I actually got to jam.  Our bench manger and coach wanted us to cycle through the positions we don't normally play.   Anyway, I jammed, and after I called it off and skated back to the bench, my bench manager said, "Who knew you could jam?"  Actually, I guess no one knew.  I jammed aqainst a player I really admire, Texsin Grrl, and she hit me right off the line.  But, hey, at least I was expecting it since her coach yelled out to her, "Texsin, hit her right off the line."  I leaned into the hit and chased her into the pack.  She fell.  I got through, skated back around, got through again,  made Lead Jammer, scored some points, and after I finally heard my coach and bench manager yelling at me to call off the jam,  I tapped my hips and called it off. 

To sum up the evening, I think the word of the bout was EXHILARATING.

I have worked hard since February, and it paid off.  This night was more fun and more rewarding than I could have hoped for.  Four of my most special friends came to watch and really made the experience extra-wonderful as I could see their smiling, cheering faces each time I got up to the line.  Thanks for coming, NOGs!   I could go on and on, but you know you really just want to see the pictures...

Happy at halftime

Jam on it... Or something like that... I think this was my initial pass, but who knows really.  It's all a blur thanks to the adrenaline.

I got your block right here.

The fabulous Fighting Unicorns

Me, getting hit right off the line.  I still got Lead Jammer though.

See ya at Lone Star on October 30

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