Monday, August 8, 2011

I Have Not Fallen Off the Face of the Earth... Yet...

But I know some of you think I have.

It's hot.  I'm hibernating.  The record temperatures and drought have driven me inside.  And I'm not coming out until it's over.  I'm taking this opportunity to catch up on my reading.  I don't even venture outside to check the mail until after dark.

School starts two weeks from today.  If it had started today, it couldn't have been soon enough.  By the calendar, this was a short summer.  However, it feels like the longest summer of my life.  My kids can't get along for two minutes.

I'm not kidding.  It's been that bad. 

My patience is long gone.   

Any sadness I had at my youngest going off to kindergarten has vanished.  This summer has cured me of any sentimentalities I may have had. 

I've got their backpacks full of school supplies sitting by the door.  I'm ready.  It's beyond time.   


  1. well, i think it is good you can look on the bright side--loss of sentimentality and all.

    glad to know i'm not the only one who hibernates in the summer. i don't even think our heat has rivaled y'all's this summer and we can go days without going out. i look for art projects in july and august like i do january and february. hades.

    two more weeks. you are almost there.
    love to you.