Monday, August 29, 2011

Boutfit Shopping!

September 10 is the first public appearance of our league during the halftime of the Dallas Deception vs. Phoenix Rattlesnakes bout.  They invited us, and we accepted (of course we did!).  We love our boys!  They are fabulous coaches and amazing people.  The support and guidance they have given us over the past six months has been invaluable.  And, now we get to skate during their own bout. Exciting!  And nervewracking, but I'll leave that part for another day...
We aren't playing on our "real" teams.  We have special teams for this particular battle; we were drafted onto either the Fighting Unicorns or the Battling Mermaids.  All but three of my Muertas team mates are on the Fighting Unicorns with me.  I'm not a trash talker, or I would say that the Battling Mermaids had better watch their backs... 

With a bout coming up, what does a derby girl do? 

Well, if possible she visits the arena where she will be skating to check out the skate floor.  Different floors=different wheels and skating conditions.  You need to know if it's sticky or dirty or slick or has cracks in it or any other pecularities.  I'm checking out the floor for the first time today.  I'll let you know if I am good with the wheels, but I think my B'Zerk Madman 91A's are going to be just the ticket.  If not, I can try out my Labeda crap wheels.  I know they are stickier.  My Atom Jukes (95A's) will certainly be too slick.  At any rate, I think I have a set that should work.  I would have a difficult time explaining to Mr. Incredible why I need yet another set of wheels... (duh... I need a set to match my boutfit.  I can't think of a more rational reason.).  So, skating surface and wheels should be all worked out by the end of today.

Next, a derby girl takes a look at her safety equipment to make sure she will be all safe for the bout.  We know injury is a risk, even an eventuality, but we guard against it with good equipment as best we can.  I'd love a shiny new black helmet, but they are hard to come by in extra small.  My green helmet is going to have to suffice for now.  My elbow pads (187 Killer) and my wristguards (Triple 8 three strap) are still in good condition, so I don't need to worry about those.  However, my current knee pads (Triple 8 Pro) have seen better days.  Last Monday, I got a small tear right next to the buckle and by Wednesday, the small tear had turned into a large hole. They absolutely HAD to be replaced.  Yay!  I have loved my Triple 8 Pro pads, and I would buy them again.  However, I have been online window shopping the Smith Scabs knee pads in leopard print for months.  Then, Rosie the Inhibitor got some and I knew I was in love for sure.  So, I ordered them on Friday and they should arrive by Wednesday!  I also ordered the knee gaskets to go with them because If I spent the extra $27, I got free shipping (you understand this rationale, right?).  I'll post a pic when they get in. Safety equipment, check!

My skates are in awesome condition (Antik AR-1's in custom colors with PowerDyne Revenge plates) as they are still practically brand new.  I'll turn them over and have a gander at the trucks and plates before the bout to be sure everything looks bout worthy.  And I may buy some fancy leopard duck tape for my laces as tripping on my laces was an issue for the first time last practice.  Totally tripped myself and then did it again immediately because I didn't realize why I was tripping.  Thanks to Haterade for alerting me to the issue and saving me from blowing out my knee!

Once all the boring stuff is in order (not boring to me, but unless you skate derby, too, you might be snoozing a little right now), a derby girl has to consider the all important BOUTFIT.   Boutfit shopping!!!!!

Yes, it's called a "boutfit." Now, the Fighting Unicorns (some of you need to cover your eyes for the typing of this acronym... the FU's...  I know... I know...) will be baby blue and gold for this bout.  And since my home team, the Muertas, are nasty neons, and my league colors are purple and black, I had absolutely nothing to wear.   I absolutely had to go shopping.  Shirts are to be baby blue. Shorts can be whatever we desire, but our captain did say for us to try to get some glitter gold on our bodies.  Do you think these will work?

Go Fighting Unicorns!!!!

In case you can't read it, my shirt says "LOVE thy neighbor."  Don't you just love it?  I thought it was perfect for me.  I dropped it off at the embroidery shop on Friday to get my name and number printed on the back and numbers printed on the sleeves.  I'm pretty sure it's going to become a favorite Monday & Thursday night practice shirt once the bout is over.  You can never have too many practice shirts...

And now I just need to get as many on-skate hours in as I can before September 10.

I'm all set!


  1. I only understood about every three words in that post.

    But I am excited to see you roll on September 10th!

  2. i wish i could be there to cheer you on!

    fabulous gold shorts!

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