Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Let them eat cake and lots of frosting...

It seemed like it had been too long since we had any cake around here, so the kids and I planned a day dedicated to cake making.

We headed over to the Walmart the night before and got our supplies--new 6" pans, sprinkles, mixes, a couple of cans of frosting, butter, disposable piping bags, a few new piping tips, food coloring, cake boards and something I had never tried before Wilton Cake Release.  You. Should. Get. Some.   Now.  It's amazing stuff.  Not one of my cakes stuck.   

In the morning we set to baking and mixing and creating.
And believe it or not, we baked eight cakes and a dozen cupcakes without a major incident.  For the most part, everyone got along.  They even broke out into random dancing while they were waiting for the cakes to come out of the oven.

If I had only realized a couple of years ago that cake could unify these two even momentarily...

We also made homemade buttercream.  I had not done that in ages.  It really is so much better than anything you can buy at the store or get at your warehouse club bakery.  And then I impressed my children with my rusty piping skills.

FYI...  I worked in a bakery while I was in high school.  If you looked at my butt, you knew.  Ham and cheese croissants, fudge rings,  and chocolate cookie dough...  But... I did learn how to level, frost, and decorate cakes.  I can even do a basket weave and make roses.  If the frosting is the right consistency, anyway...

Rachel Ray better watch out!

Peace.  Always with the peace signs.  I gotta watch this kid.

Bonus got a little crazy with the sprinkles.  You can't even tell that it said STAR WARS before he dumped the galaxy on it.

My rusty skills

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