Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hurray! Pencils and stickers and crap

If you haven't been to Walmart or Target because you been too busy soaking up the rays at the pool, it's that time people.  The school supplies are fully stocked and in da' houz.  You best get to walmarting before the manilla paper is forever gone.  Don't wait for falling prices.  Get it while the getting is good and before the Sharpies are in the same box as the colored pencils. 

I'm not sure what it is about buying paper, pencils, and a bijillion boxes of crayons that makes me smile, but it has been known to make me extremely happy.  And on Thursday I was grinning like a fool. 

I found green pens! 

Because emeralds are this girl's best friend...

I got Bonus and RNR all taken care of, too, minus Kleenex boxes and Ziploc bags.   And we are still looking for the perfect backpacks (which means I am encouraging them to keep looking rather than purchase a backpack with a picture of that Bieber boy on it or a plastic Darth Vader pack that will not last the year).

Miss Noteworthy is taking inventory of her goods still.  A few spirals and she should be all good for seventh grade.

I see huge amounts of writing for RNR in third grade.

May the force be with the teacher who requested I send SIX bottles of glue and scissors into school with Bonus.  Shudder!

48 days.  Yes, I am counting.


  1. I love school supplies more than the average person should. And I took PandaMom on a tour of the Target aisles and had to prevent her from buying the cutest binder that she didn't need.

    I have no children, yet I still go and shop the sales and such. It is a beautiful thing.

    And speaking of glue, it's not just the little people. Last year, I toyed with the idea of creating some sort of "Glue License" for my fourth graders just so I could revoke it when they started gluing like kindergarteners. (I don't do a lot of glue projects in my class. For a reason.)

  2. I knew you would understnd the school supply joy, Jennifer! Plus, new crayons are a cheap thrill at $.40 a box. However, that's an increase of $.15 since last year. I may have to cut back...

    I like the Glue License. "a little dot does a lot" just doesn't cut it some days...

  3. seventh grade? tell me you are joking.
    i hope all is well with you.