Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Since last week, we have a boyfriend.  Which means we have been giggling and smiling from ear-to-ear nonstop.  And we are Boyfriend's first girlfriend.  So it is extra cute and extra sweet.  And the texts are a little extra hilarious for me to read.

As there are only four more days of school, I asked Miss Noteworthy if she thought she and Boyfriend would be able to make it until the last day of school without meeting the usual middle school relationship fate of a breakup after one week.  She thinks they will make it well into the summer.  Maybe longer.

Her previous middle school attempt at romance lasted for about fifteen minutes.  They both admitted they liked each other, and then it got weird.  They quickly decided they would just be friends without ever entering into a boyfriend-girlfriend contract. 

Boyfriend asked in person if she would go out with him.  There were no go-betweens and no notes asking her to check "yes", "no", or "maybe".   There was no hemming and hawing or beating around the bush.  Most impressive.  I think we may have a man in the making here.

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