Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Indoor Swimming Only?

Dear Betsey Johnson,

After summers of coveting your suits in Nordstrom, I finally broke down and plunked down the copious amounts of hard, cold cash you require for ownership of your swimwear.

Worth. Every. Penny.   I may not actually look like a pin up girl in my suit, but I am comfortable in it and do indeed feel glamorous.  I bought the red one piece with a bow on top and ruffles on the bottom.  Modest but flirty.  Cute but still sophisticated.  Since I know it is a sample and I haven't seen this particular suit in any store, I am fairly certain you designed it with me in mind.  Thanks for that, Betsey.  It fits perfectly.  I already have my eye on another of your suits and will be looking for it to go on sale.

This morning I took a moment to read the care label inside my suit.  I have spent some time at the pool in the past week, and I want to make sure I am properly caring for my investment.  No Bleach--makes perfect sense.  Do Not Iron.  I'm not much of an ironer, so no worries on that one, Betsey.  Hand wash in cold water.  Okay, I can handle that.  However, I'm a little perplexed at this final little piece of instruction:


Is my new suit afraid of the sun?

Really, Betsey?  Really?

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