Thursday, June 9, 2011

And the Crowd Goes Wild...

Okay, not really, but we did end practice by shouting "Reckless!" as we broke the huddle (Thanks for throwing that out there, Louie!).

Can I just say that:

1). Derby people are fabulous.  These peeps are some of the most encouraging and accepting people I know.  It's nice that we can all celebrate each other's successes.

2). Derby is more fun than should be legal.  Really, if you've ever even slightly thought about trying out for a derby league, you should. 

3).  I'm not super competitive, but, like everyone else, if I get to win a game, it truly rocks.

4).  I can't believe I actually won the game!!!!  I may have been the most shocked person in the whole rink.  And yeah, I did kinda high five myself and yell, "Yes!" when I knew I had won.  Which is not something I would normally do.  But, me winning Queen of the Track is not even close to normal... 

In this game, all the skaters get on the track and start skating.  When the whistle is blown, we start skating and hitting each other.  If you skate outside the track or fall, you're out.

There were a couple of supa' rawk stah skay-tahs who were not in da' house tonight, and that greatly improved my chances.  Plus, none of the men were skating tonight, so that helped as well.  When it was down to just five of us on the track, three went down in a single collision (I was nowhere near them, so no one can blame me this time...).   So, I hit the last girl, and she went outside the lines.

Which meant I was the last girl on the track.  Which means that I won a DVD of Blood on the Flat Track.

For this one night I get to be Queen of the Track.  It may have been a fluke, and it may never happen again. 

But tonight it happened, and I feel like a bonafide derby girl.  Whoot!


  1. You Rock, Reckless!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm feeling your high with you!!!! ; )

  2. Wish I had been there to see it!! Derby is the best!!! I completely agree with your analysis of the peeps. I am SO flipping glad I took a chance on myself and signed up. The sport is amazing and even when you're not an overly competitive person, you get that way in a hurry in the middle of a game. And holy cow the workout! But more than anything, I love my ladies!!!!!!

    Viva North Texas Roller Dolls!

  3. You are my super rock star! Queen of Track! Whoohooo! It wasn't a are a derby girl! :) Still remember my first days of just trying out my skates...and you were one of the friendly faces that really encouraged me. <3 you Reckless!

  4. reckless,
    nothing about you is a fluke!
    congratulations. so glad you are enjoying the derby-ing.

  5. So proud of you (and living vicariously through Reckless)!

  6. Good one Reckless. Your blogs are funny and many of us can relate to exactly whats going on. You are so true about Derby, I love the acceptance we all have for each other. I love the encouragement for all of us to get better at this sport and improve our health. Love ya "The Greek"

  7. I need to know what league you play with! And I LOVED Blood on the Flat Track.