Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reckless of the Derbyvilles

In the past week I have purchased new wheels and new toe stops, learned to change my own wheels and install my own bearings, received my first dose of outdoor rink rash (I was properly attired, fyi. and,  ahem... no, you cannot see the pictures), iced my swollen ankles repeatedly, cried at practice, cried the ENTIRE drive home from practice, skated FIFTEEN hours in six days, and smiled when I knocked the crud out of a member of the opposing team.

I also had an epic fail when I *tried* to MacGuyver an outdoor skate wheel with an indoor bearing. 

Note: Do not try this at home. Indoor bearings on outdoor wheels will not "do in a pinch."

Along with all my other derby shenanigans, I have been participating in a little contest in our league called Leaner, Faster, Stronger.  It's about improving and promoting our athleticism performance, and general health and fitness as individuals.  Well, I haven't improved my 20 lap time, I haven't lost any weight (in fact I have gained four pounds in the last four weeks), and my butt and thighs are bigger.  So much for skating my butt off.

However, I passed the pencil test this morning!  I can no longer hold a pencil underneath my butt cheek.  Why I know this... well, it's a long story but one that JMom can appreciate.  I hope it's a sign that things are moving up!

Thanks to the sweet derby sisters who checked on me after the practice that made me think I might not be able to do it.

Thanks to the pre-derby friends who are cheering me on and continuing to offer their love and support unconditionally.  Even when they don't get the new fascination.

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  1. wow. i got tired just reading about all that. it seriously sounds like so much fun to me. i know it is difficult too, but i think it is such a great outlet for you. and i know your hubby and children are so proud of you. i'm proud of you too.

    btw, just an aside. i have never loathed a book the way i loathed tess of the d'urbervilles in tenth grade english. in fact, i still have such a visceral response whenever i think about that book that i have just about convinced myself that i need to just read it again.