Friday, April 29, 2011


While I was driving RNR to school, Radio Disney decided to pull something out of the Vault of Great Irritation.

It was even worse than what Sirius pulls out of the Vault of Cheese.  Worse than Color Me Bad.  Can you really get worse than Color Me Bad you might ask?  I mean they sang a song that said "we can do it til we both wake up."  Makes me wonder if they had a poor instructor or if they just didn't pay one bit of attention to their lyrics.

But this wasn't just a stupid song.  This was the mutha of songs that get stuck in your head and make you want to shove an icepick in your ear to make it stop.

MMMBop by Hanson

I struggled not to change the channel as RNR bopped along to the song.  Radio Disney may just be the death of me. 

Do I really have to say anything else?   

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