Monday, April 11, 2011


Well, I'm back, and I would sleep until Wednesday if I were not a mom to three.  Until I get a chance to sit down and write about the adventures of Reckless and PandaMom (aka Ethel & Lucy) and post my own pictures of NYC, check out the photo of me on Park Avenue.  I so needed that coffee.  Ask PandaMom; I was a little surly until I had my Starbucks...

Ooooh, I have such great stories to tell and some really big news that I received while having a pizza in NYC.  However, I have to go to bed now or else I might die.  Or at least collapse onto the tile floor.  I really don't feel like having a ride in an ambulance tonight, so I'm choosing king size. 

You'll have to wait until the weekend to hear that big news though.  Sorry to leave you hanging like that, but if I tell you some zombies might come for me.  You'll understand soon. 

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